Youth Pastor, Activist and Life Coach, Makes Strides at Just 23-Years-Old

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Age is definitely just a number. At the young and tender age of 23-years old, Pastor Isaiah M. Kilgo-Felder has been making a name for himself. He is a youth activist, pastor, mentor and a life coach.

Pastor Kilgo-Felder has degrees in Christian Ministry and plans to take over the world by storm.

I was very impressed by this young man’s success at such an early age, that I had to interview him for Purposely Awakened. Check out the interview below.

Can you tell myself and the readers about yourself?

I am 23-years old. I am the proud father of two beautiful children and also a proud, young husband. I am a high school and college Graduate, and an Associate Pastor of the City of Refuge Church Inc. and Founder of The Millennial Movement.

I am a Youth Navigator Expert, Mentor, Life coach, international Co-Author. I love God with all my heart, and I love young people. I believe my job is to help youth and young adults reach their purpose in coming out from a stuck life. I was a high school dropout, “the bad kid”, the one who struggled with their identity and most of all who “I” was. I believe that if I can come from those labels and have gotten Un-Stuck that I can spread that message and reach a generation and lead them the same way.

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations? How did they impact your life?

My inspirations when I was a kid were my Grandparents because they taught me my values and my foundation of church and its meaning in my life. As I got older, I found myself to be my inspiration because I had a hard time with trust, but at the age of 18, my biggest inspiration, even to this day is my father and Leader Dr. Ira D. Roach III. He impacted my life in so many ways. He taught me the value and importance of being a man.

When I first came to him he told me, “I don’t need your gift or talent, I don’t need your preaching or prophecy I need you to get a job and an education.” He would also say things like, “Know who you are,” and he mentored me even when I would get mad and try to run. He never turned me away. He’s the reason why today I’m on the platform that God has for me.

When did you realize you had a passion for The Gospel?

I knew I had a passion for the Gospel when I was a little kid. My siblings would go play outside and I would stay in the house and watch TBN and The Word Network. I loved to sing and play the keyboard and drums. I never liked children’s church. I loved to listen to my pastor preach and seeing people get healed and seeing God just move. I knew although it was spokeN over my life many times, I knew this for myself.

When did you first get involved in the church? What was your first position?

I was involved in church at 12 years old, but I didn’t receive my first position until I was 18 years old. My very first position in church was an Elder.

Do you still remember your first sermon? What was your first sermon about and addressing?

My first sermon was titled “I’m the One”. I was preaching a Sunday morning service and I was talking about how over in the Book of Isaiah where God says, “Who shall I send?”, and I said, “Often times we don’t like to answer that because we feel that our past is not forgivable so we hide in our darkness so God can’t find us and use us.”

But Isaiah answered and said, “Lord, I am a man of unclean lips,” so the Angel takes the coals off the alter and touches his mouth and purifies him. And I told the congregation that if you acknowledge where you are and what you need God will clean you up and use you for his glory.

What inspired you to be a youth minister/pastor?

What inspired me was I always wanted to help people. I believe in the gift of helps and I believe my job was through the world of ministry. It was something that I knew I wanted to be from a child; it was a passion.

Your church has released a new project a book called, “The City Of Refuge Changed Our Lives”, what is the book about?

“The City of Refuge Changed Our Lives” is 12 amazing stories about how they have overcome since being at the City of Refuge Church. Transformation, Restoration, Healing, Deliverance, all of this comes from these 12 stories and you identify every area in the book. It’s a must read!!!!

You also have a project called the Millennial Movement, what is the movement about?

The Millennial Movement is a youth and young adult movement that has one goal and one goal only,” Helping young people Get UnSTuck and reach their purpose”.

We provide a number of this annual #Unstuck live at 5 hosted events in Chester, PA. We have something called Millennial Chatz Web radio and we also host a power call every Wednesday night with a 30 minute bible study and prayer.

We also have job coaching, an afterschool program and a youth life coaching program. We strive to make sure that we have different things to offer millennials. I believe there is no reason for our young people to be dying, selling drugs, in jail, etc. There is no reason when we have the God given power and tools to help them Get UNSTUCK.

What great words of wisdom or words of advice can you offer the millennials and our readers?

If I could encourage any millennial, I would tell them to, “Know who you are, learn your true identity and to dream and dream big. Never box God in. Remember you have the power to take back control of your life and reach your purpose. Work hard and never quit. Keep God first and whoever He sends your way as a help or with sound wisdom, listen and apply and watch your self grow.”  

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