Your Dream Wedding On A Budget

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In 2014 we seen several proposals which means that in 2015 and 2016 we can except to see many weddings. However, for some they become engaged or long to be married to their boyfriend/girlfriend, but because of financial hardships they have to put the wedding on the back burner because they want a wedding out of this world, but their pockets can’t seem to afford the wedding that they are thinking of. At least that is what they think.

The internet has made things so much easier when it comes to just about everything. Plus, venues really are not that expensive, you just have to find the right one and decorate it nicely. So how can you have you dream wedding without breaking the bank?

1. The Venue. 

For those that are members of a church, you can host the wedding ceremony in the church sanctuary for no cost. That right there just saved you a few hundred dollars. But what about those that do not attend church? Look into your local community centers and parks. There are several city parks that also have a recreation center that you can rent out for under $300. If you’re using a park, consider getting married in the spring or summer time, that way you can hold the ceremony outside and the reception in the recreation center/hall.

2. The Decorations.  is perfect for gathering party favors, balloons, table settings, etc. for a decent price. has great deals on name card holders of 12 for $10, depending on your theme. The decorations will probably be the most that you spend your money on, but you can still spend under $150 to 300 depending on what your theme is and how elaborate that you’re decorating.

3. The wedding dress

David’s Bridal is one of the best places to shop for nice, reasonable wedding dresses. Want one for no more than $150? They can suit your wish.

4. The Food.

Go buffet style. It’s cheaper and more convenient. When you have a sit-down, catered dinner, you are paying usually about 20 to 30 bucks per plate. With a buffet style dinner, you just pay for the amount of servings that you want. For example, your favorite Hawaiian restaurant might only charge $60 bucks for a serving of 100 people. As far as servers, you can always have your cousins or someone serve everyone their food to ensure that everything is portioned our evenly and that no one is being greedy!

5. Photography.

Use your connections. Everyone knows a photographer. Plus, when you have that connection with a special photographer and videographer, you get special deals. Your wedding is the special occasion to use that relationship.

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