Young Visionary Spotlight: Chardae Jenkins Launches Her Own PR Firm, Turns Former Employer into a Client

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We all have heard the saying that if you want to see your dreams come to life, you just have to go after them or you’ll be helping somebody else in their dreams for the rest of your life. There comes a point when you just have to realize your worth, set forth and map out a plan, and step out on Faith. This is what Chardae Jenkins, CEO of The Transparency Agency, did. She had a fulfilling career that she loved as a Junior Publicist for Allied Moxy, but she knew she wanted and could have more for herself.

“All of our clients at Moxy were film,” says Chardae. “I think film is great but it’s not the only stuff I’m interested in, so to me it was like now that I get film, let me like try something else. Let me see if I can do music or brands or personalities because if there aren’t any films booming, then what am I supposed to do?”

Back in the day, in our parents days, they were taught to get a job so that they can move out and start their own families. There were not too many entrepreneurs back in the baby boomer days as there are now. We as millennials have more resources out there for us. We have several people that we can team up with to coach us in claiming our destinies, so there really isn’t an excuse to why you’re not living out your dreams to where you are able to work from wherever and whenever.

Jenkins is one of many millennials who have taken up the courage to leave the traditional job to live the life that she deserves. The one thing that separates Jenkins though is that she didn’t leave her employer because of a low-paying job, bad bosses, or an unfullfilling career, she simply wanted to step up to the next level. So due to that, you can only imagine how hard it was for her to leave a steady, good paying paycheck. It’s hard enough for people with poor wages to leave their jobs because even though it’s not much they are seeing a constant paycheck.

“I felt sick and I felt like something wasn’t right with my spirit. I couldn’t sleep. I would be up all night just thinking,” she says.

She shared her concerns with a close friend who encouraged her to try out a beach meditation in hopes of coming to a place of clarity. “That was like a push forward because it was a very emotional meditation for me. I was thinking about my family, where I came from and not wanting to disappoint [them], and I had gotten a wave of reassurance like don’t worry about it, you’re going to be good. Walk by faith and not by sight, and just do it.”

We definitely applaud this young lady for setting an example! At just 25-years-old she is making major BOSS moves! To read more of her story in detail, click here

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