So, because a lot of women carry masculine energy, in other words a lot of women the bodies of women but they have the energies of men, a lot of men who want women can’t find women to marry.

This leaves men to resorting to not getting married because they don’t have women to marry. For you to have a marriage of a man and a woman, you have to have a marriage of yin-yang. A marriage of masculine and feminine energy.

You can’t have two masculine energies married because it is going to cause chaos. A masculine male wants to lead. A masculine male wants to be the sun, wants to be the light, which is what they are.

The man is the sun. He is the one that projects the light forward. Women are the moon that bring the intuition; that will bring the emotion that will give meaning to the light of the sun.

So, there’s a problem because there seems to be a lot of disharmony going on. What are your thoughts? Drop those comments below.