Woman on the Move: Farisha Taylor a.k.a. FayTay

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Farisha Taylor best known as FayTay is an entrepreneur of three businesses. She is the co-owner of The Rehab Radio Show on Homegrownradio.net and she runs SUPACALI Everything (State Unity Presented Across California) clothing line and Pursepails by FayTay (unique purse line). Aside from being a on-air personality, host and brand ambassador, being a 4’5  inch fashionista helps her stand out even more. She may be small but she has a big personality that invites people in which helps her to succeed as an influencer in today’s industry. With her love for music and fashion, her purpose in life is to push the culture forward, as well as inspire others to do the same.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Taylor. Check out the interview below:

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations? 

My inspirations include the beautiful singer/songwriter Aaliyah, rapper/icon/mogul Jay-Z, Oprah the great, new Oakland rapper Kamayiah and last but not least Karen Civil, the social media and digital media marketing strategist. 

What influenced you to become a radio personality and host?

Well, let’s start with hosting. I have always embraced the hip-hop culture, so Free and Aj (106 and Park) and LaLa Anthony (TRL) were most influential growing up. I would watch these shows daily envisioning myself in their shoes, literally taping every episode to mimic and study the craft. Presenting the hottest music countdowns and interviewing the biggest entertainers in the industry was not only my dream, but also my calling.

Aspiring to be an on-air host, led me to becoming a radio personality. When the opportunity presented itself to test the airwaves, I passed with flyer colors and a radio personality was born. I was intrigued with the fact that on radio I had to captivate my audience with just my voice, opinion and that big personality I previously mentioned lol, not my actual looks. Fast forward a couple years, I own and co-host my very own radio show. 

What part of your job are you most passionate about?  

I’m most passionate about representing women in a positive light and being able to have a voice on a platform that reaches thousands of listeners every week. Being the only woman on my show, I find it very important for me to be heard and express my views and insights on the various topics we discuss from a woman’s perspective. 

Can you give us some insight on your shows the The R.E.H.A.B. Radio show and Home Grown Radio Show?

The R.E.H.A.B. Radio show stands for The Real Entertainment Hiphop And Bull$#%+ show. Our show consists of 4 hosts, including myself, and we broadcast live every Tuesday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. PST on homegrownradio.net. Every week we discuss an array of topics ranging from today’s current events, anything entertainment like music, movies, sports, the Hip-Hop culture and then of course you have to throw in some bullshit lol. Collectively, at The R.E.H.A.B. Radio Show our goal is to redefine the culture of media with classic content, dope surprise segments, unique advice and organic interviews with a wide variety of talented guests. Our goal is to entertain our listeners with good laughs and great conversations. 

In LA, Home Grown Radio is responsible for “Bringing Radio Back to it’s Roots”.  For 10 years, HGR has provided a platform for upcoming artists to have a voice.  And now, what started as a podcast has evolved to a whole network for the culture. We pride ourselves in following in their footsteps and carrying the torch for years to come. Catch our HGR fam Chuck Dizzle and DJ Hed everyday on The Real 92.3. 

Can you tell us about your business PursePails and your upcoming projects?

PursePails is a unique purse line that I started at the end of last year as a hobby.  What I do is revamp old school metal/tin  lunch pails and turn them into new school purses and hand bags by customizing the inside. Seeing a “Purse Pail” for the first time brings on pure nostalgia. Each of my purses is hand-made creatively with materials and fabrics such as, denim, leather, suede, faux fur and more.

Every purse is different in it’s own way, making it the perfect statement piece for each and every consumer. What I wanted PursePails to represent is “celebrating women that are not afraid to make statements in life and with their fashion choices. True story, is that I used to wear the metal old school lunch Pail in high school as a purse and what I did was cut out pictures from popular entertainment magazines like  “Word Up” of two of my favorite music artists, Aaliyah and B2K. I made a collage with different pictures of both artists and glued them on each side of the lunch pail, and that was an example of me designing my own purse with people that I was inspired by. I rocked my purse like it was nobody’s business. LOL ”Fun fact” I was at a El Pollo Loco in Culver City, and to my surprise Christina Milian was in there as well. We were both waiting in line, and once she was done ordering she actually came up to me and told me how she loved my purse” I will never forget that moment,  I was like Yes! best feeling ever….. And now the birth of Pursepails by FayTay is here. 

Slogan: “Purse Pails, celebrating women that are not afraid to make statements in life & fashion” 

You’re a brand ambassador, what brands do you represent and why? 

Currently, I represent ‘The Lace Show, a custom wig hair company, and Light As Air, a lash extension company. I represent these two brands because I believe in their core values and both companies provide great quality services. I feel that you have to truly believe in the brands you represent and also be a genuine consumer of their product. I’m honored to be apart of these brands not only because they are amazing companies, but these two boss babes are both my real friends. That’s makes the  job that much easier and of course more fun. 

Do you have any words of wisdom to offer fellow millennials ? 

Some words of wisdom from my dad Chuck Taylor, “Remove the word can’t from your vocabulary.” You really CAN do anything. Believe in your brand, work hard and follow your dreams. Lastly, just stay consistent!!! It is truly one of the major keys to ones success. Word to DJ Khaled!

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