Why Working Below Your Worth is Setting You Up For Your Testimony

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Overworked and extremely underpaid. This is the life that rings in the ears of many millennials with degrees and experience to boot. They graduate with their Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate degrees in hopes of a great paying career that fulfills their happiness and passion. But they seem to get stuck at a job that way below what they are worth and their employer can give two cents about giving them a raise. For some though, even of they got a raise at their current job they know it wouldn’t make a difference because they do not see themselves at that company long-term or permanently.

So what is young, aspiring professional to do? Of course, apply for other jobs and claim their worth. As you feel out countless number of applications and then start getting the “We have chosen to go on with other candidates. We wish you the best in your career endeavors” messages you start to get frustrated and you start feeling as if you’ll be at you crappy $10-12 an hour job with no retirement plan or benefits forever. You probably feel like you’ve failed and now you want to give up because it seems like no one is willing to give you a chance when you know that you’re very well qualified for the job that the recruiter just turned you down for, probably for someone less qualified for you. This is all going through your mind as your frustration grows, but then you remember that you’re from a family that doesn’t quit so you try different avenues and different approaches. Now you start getting emails, exam dates, and interviews for careers that you’re qualified for, have excellent benefits, and in industries that you actually have a passion in.

But, now you’re faced with the waiting game. Knowing the next career venture that lies in front of you is just an arms length away but seems so far due to having to wait for certain occurrences is nerve wrecking, you start to feel stuck again. So you keep filling out apps to pass by time.

If any of this sounds like you, you’re not alone. God gives us all different avenues that later allow us to share our testimony. The reason why you received those rejection emails is because He doesn’t want you to go through the same situation with another job that will be beneath you even if it does pay a couple bucks more. He is crafting the best of the best for you and during this time He needs you to work on your patience and to STOP looking at this person getting promoted and that person getting a new job before you get yours. So just because your career journey is taking a little bit longer than anticipated, all it means is that God has something much bigger in sore that you haven’t even dreamed of! And it takes longer to bake up a five-course meal. Just remember you don’t “fast food” because it will only satisfy you for a moment, but that “five course meal” is the one that is always worth the wait.

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