Why Interracial Dating Central Has Become a Haven for Multiracial, Multiethnic Couples and Families

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Nearly 2,000,000 followers, 30+% regular engagement and participation. How has one online community captivated so many and created such a loyal and engaged following?

The Facebook community Facebook.com/InterracialDatingCentral was originally created as an offshoot of the biggest interracial dating website, InterracialDatingCentral.com, but has evolved into so much more. 

Facebook.com/InterracialDatingCentral is a safe, inspirational and educational community where participants share their own personal stories of how they met and fell in love with their partner of a different race and/or culture; where expert authors, therapists and matchmakers provide advice on everything from dating and relationship tips to  introducing your interracial relationship to family and friends. Moderators share trending and noteworthy stories about interracial and intercultural relationships and families. And members participate in large numbers, adding their own questions, comments and stories into the mix. Unlike many other Facebook pages, the IDC Facebook page is a destination page. Followers come to the page, rather than just engaging with individual posts that turn up in their feed.

Unlike many social media pages, Facebook.com/InterracialDatingCentral remains troll-free. There are no insulting, derogatory or bullying comments made; only comments of support or productive questions and conversations are had.

The page celebrates multiracial and multicultural dating, relationships, marriages and families, which is why so many around the world feel comfortable sharing their personal stories with other followers in the community on this page.

“When we first created our Facebook page, just like any other business, it was with the primary goal of promoting membership on InterracialDatingCentral.com, but it has become so much more,” states IDC founder, Sam Bates.  “The followers, or community members as we prefer to call them, really made the page their own. We decided to follow their lead in transforming it into a community- based blog where there is this amazing exchange taking place. People who prefer to date interracially or who have interracial partners and kids can find a special camaraderie and insights that you really can’t find anywhere else online.”

As a few of the pictures here illustrate, members of the IDC Facebook page feel comfortable and at home sharing some of their most intimate moments and celebrations with other members. It’s truly a remarkable community.

Facebook.com/InterracialDatingCentral also aims to provide a safe space for singles whose preference is to explore other races, cultures and ethnicities in their pursuit of “finding the one.”  Many singles simply choose to cast a wider net in their search for love instead of being limited by race or culture.

“This page is a celebration of inclusiveness,” continues Bates. “In essence, we are celebrating the human race, and choosing not to slice ourselves up into different categories based on skin color.”

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