Who Can I Run To?

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Who can I run to when I come home to my apartment but can’t get in, my entry stopped once again, cuz of the color of my skin? A white woman standing at the front door is blocking my way cuz’ she ain’t seen me before. She wants the truth asking me for proof that I live there…. what we don’t need is another nightmare! Cops were called once again, this is “their” go to option man. Apparently this neighborhood and building are to nice for ME to be in. There’s reminders all around me… that I’ll never quite fit in!

Who Can I run to when as a Black person you’re completely disrespected? No heart beat detected by the one who is cruel and unusual in their punishment, hatred overflows as they express “their” discontent. It’s always the same ole chatter, Black lives do not matter, but we already knew that….you’ve been showing US that… since way back!

Who Can I run to when men can sexually assault you? On the streets or at the job and still get through the journey of their destiny, Supreme Court Justice…he shouldn’t be, accusations not taken seriously! Boys will be boys is always the answer, but when will they be MEN is my question to you sir?

Who Can I Run To when “Corner-store Caroline” falsely accuses my son of something he hasn’t done? Flashbacks of Emmitt Till are still haunting me; white privilege keeps oppressing me, they call these cops instinctively, expressing their hatred repeatedly. So quick to state false claims looks like there’s no one else to blame…accept a 9 year old boy….you’re great at stealing joy, but the gun that might kill him won’t be a toy!

Who can I run to when someone jumps into my Lyft? Told no to their request for music, calling the cops while HE’S verbally abusive! Should’ve known once he said he supported 45, he’d sit there in my car and totally lie. He called me a nigger and then he spit,  just before that I was called a piece of shit! Said he was a citizen of the United States of America, they’re trying to build walls to keep people like you outta this area! I’d be careful bout who I choose to look down to, because YOU are in the same boat I’M in…my friend! Your skin may be a lighter complexion but it gives you no protection from racism and discrimination. You hate yourself more than we hate you, look what all that poison makes you do!

Who Can I run to when my world is turned upside down? I’m so turned around, I scream but no one hears a sound. The enemy is relentless, their behavior has no repentance…of this I can’t make no sense. I guess that I’ll keep running until someone with sense steps in….someone to finally comprehend…all the pain that we’ve been in. You accuse and abuse, your power is misused and at the end of the day, all I hear you  say is….I’m sorry, I was mistaken, that little boy was quite shaken, at least this time HIS life was not taken.

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C.K. McGhee is a woman of faith who believes in nurturing her spiritual relationship with God in order to be her best and to give her best. She hails from New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley, which is just north of New York City. Having been diagnosed with Major Depressive and Anxiety Disorder twenty years ago, she is concerned with bringing awareness to the Mental Health crisis in America; specifically focused on The African-American community. She believes that not only are her struggles with mental health a testimony for someone else who may be struggling but that it’s the very foundation for her advocacy platform; to inspire, motivate and inform others that there is life despite mental health challenges. Her signature phrase, “Here’s to brighter days”, maintains a steadfast hope that all of the voices that have been silenced by stigma, will be supported to speak their truth, knowing and understanding the value of their lives; walking in purpose towards their brighter days!

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