When The Bough Breaks brings drama, suspense and a thrill to the big screen

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Just like every other African-American female this past weekend ready to make it a girl’s night out at the movies, I was seated with my girls front row and center ready to see the ever so handsome, Morris Chestnut in the film premiere of When The Bough Breaks.

When The Bough Breaks is a vicarious thrill that centers around a New Orleans couple played by Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall who is attempting to start a family by entrusting the help of a young beautiful surrogate played by up and coming actress, Jazz Sinclair.

The film opens with what most would consider a fairytale. A well-to-do couple, John and Laura Taylor seem to have everything going for them including great careers, nice vehicles and a beautiful home that was inherited. Although this handsome couple has everything going for them, there is one missing piece—a baby.

One of the most important aspects that I particularly enjoyed about this film is seeing a seemingly successful African-American couple portrayed on the big screen that each had very respectable careers. It may not appear to be a big deal to many, but when it comes to films, especially Hollywood films, this is out of the norm.

When The Bough Breaks does start off a bit slow but the drama heightens when the young beautiful surrogate decides to play her cards by making her way into the mind of Chestnut’s character. While the film does get a bit predictable at times, there were some scenes that did leave the audience in awe.

The casting choice was amazing. It was quite refreshing to see actress Regina Hall portray a very doting and loving wife compared to other films she has starred in. Her character not only brought substance to the film, but it also shed her in a different light as an actress.

In my personal biased opinion, Morris Chestnut is the only actor who could’ve portrayed his on screen character. Not only did Chestnut bring the sexy to the big screen, he also brought out what most women truly think of him as—a true gentleman.

Newcomer Jazz Sinclair did bring something familiar to the big screen with her character—predictability. I have to admit: I’ve seen her character in far too many other films—the psycho who just won’t let go.Overall, Sinclair did a great job portraying her character and I strongly believe that we will see more of her in Hollywood.

I do give the production company Screen Gems who produced When The Bough Breaks big thumbs up for giving more African American actors and actresses of color an opportunity to star in Hollywood made films.

Overall, I believe When The Bough Breaks was a good movie due to the casting choice and the chemistry between each of the main and supporting characters. I don’t foresee a sequel in the making, but I do believe this thriller is the predecessor to many more thrillers starring actors of color to come.

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