What the World Needs Now is COLORBLIND Love

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a surge in online and virtual dating, and the world’s largest interracial dating community, InterracialDatingCentral.com has long advocated for couples to find love across racial and ethnic lines with their slogan #loveismorethanskindeep.

In light of painful racial injustices and violence against Black Americans and people of color, their slogan holds much deeper meaning than simply referencing romantic love. “IDC’s slogan #loveismorethanskindeep should apply, now more than ever, to how we treat our fellow humans, across the board. *All images throughout are of real couples who met and fell in love through InterracialDatingCentral.com.

“What the world needs now is COLORBLIND love; love for your co-worker, love for your neighbor, love for a stranger, love for your fellow human being. Hate, in any form, can no longer be tolerated in our civilized society,” states InterracialDatingCentral spokesperson, Allison Kugel.

 “Our millions of members across the globe, and our heavily engaged 2 million+ social media followers (check out IDC’s Facebook community) have been on board with our community’s message for more than a decade, and it’s time for the rest of the world to get on board.” IDC’s thriving Facebook community has long been a safe space where interracial love and inclusiveness has been celebrated.

Since its original inception in 2004, InterracialDatingCentral has logged tens of thousands of successful case studies of couples who have found lasting love across racial and ethnic boundaries. What makes this dating community distinctive is that every member who creates an account is signing on with an open mind and an open heart in their search for love. They are receptive to, and they welcome, communication from potential mates of all races and ethnicities. 

The majority of IDC’s members are Millennials, followed interestingly by Gen Xers, and then Gen Z members; with a modest amount of Baby Boomers also sprinkled in.

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Allison Kugel is an American public relations professional and entrepreneur. In 2001 Kugel founded two online enterprises which led to her being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine in 2004. Kugel was laid off after 9/11

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