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What People Are Saying About Mayor Pete’s Douglass Plan for Black America

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“…the Frederick Douglass bill that he passed, that’s a specific black agenda.” – Charlamagne tha God

“I think that this is a great first step right, it’s a great moment to say look, I actually have ideas, here are the specifics.” – Zerlina Maxwell

“An ambitious policy plan to “dismantle racist structures and systems” in the United States” – The Washington Post

Zerlina Maxwell: I think that it’s refreshing to see plans that are specifically targeting Black America because, separate from the conversation about reparations, we need to really be serious about policies that like Mayor Pete’s plan seeks to do close that racial wealth gap, because white families basically have ten times the wealth of black families in the country, and that is something that harkens back to an ugly history. So I think that this is a great first step right, it’s a great moment to say look, I actually have ideas, here are the specifics. 

Charlamagne tha God: I think Mayor Pete is great, you know, with the Frederick Douglass bill that he passed, that’s a specific black agenda.

Adrienne Elrod: We haven’t seen anything that’s been comprehensively released like this, that is pertinent to the entire African American community. […] 

They have, but this is the most comprehensive plan so far that I’ve seen. 

Josh Lederman: The strategy that Mayor Pete is trying to employ to deal with his challenge with black voters is to show that he’s not just throwing out generalities or making vague promises but that he’s really thought about this and has a comprehensive set of policies to deal with systemic racism. 

Josh Lederman: Yeah Stephanie, an 18-page plan that his campaign hopes will be the most comprehensive of all of the Democrats who are competing in the primary. And it covers a lot of different areas, including offering free tuition to public universities for low income students, directing a quarter of federal contracting dollars to small businesses from underserved communities, investing in banks that are owned by minorities, an overhaul of the criminal justice system, creating health equity zones to address areas that are — disparity in terms of outcomes for health and also access to voting rights, including automatic voter registration.

On Twitter:

Sejal Hathi @SejalHathi: By announcing such a broad and encompassing plan to tackle racial injustice, @PeteButtigieg is setting down a marker for other candidates and showing his commitment to tackling racism head on:

Sean Shaw @SShawFL: I’m proud to stand with @PeteButtigieg as he announces a historic agenda to tear down the barriers holding back Black Americans — and make historic investments in our communities.

Pete gets it. Read more:

Nikhil Goyal @nikhilgoya_I: As someone who has taught in prison, I’m glad to see that @PeteButtigieg supports reinstating Pell Grants to incarcerated people. We need universal higher education in our prisons.

Adam Harris @AdamHSays: Of note in Buttigieg’s new plan to address systemic racism: A $25 billion increase in resources for HBCUs.

Janos Marton @janosmarton: Haven’t committed to any 2020 candidate yet, but I must say that this is a very strong criminal justice platform. Ending mandatory mins, independent clemency commission, eliminating Medicaid exception, restoring prison Pell grants…worth checking out.

Karim Abouelnaga @KarimAbouelnaga: Inspiring and has a promising blue print of what should happen to follow through on our country’s core ideal of creating a place where every person has the fundamental right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. @PeteButtigieg 

James Dennin @JamesDennin: big plan from mayor pete. private prison abolition, student debt cancellation for for-profit debtors, restoring benefits like pell and medicaid to formerly incarcerated, abolishing the death penalty, and a 50 percent reduction in incarceration rate

Gerren Keith Gaynor @MrGerrenalist: Criticisms aside, Buttigieg addresses race head-on (at least on the campaign trail). I wish more politicians and leaders — Americans in general — talked more about the ‘isms’ that cause so much suffering. Only then can there be healing & only then will America truly be GREAT.

Fenit Nirappil @FenitN Buttigieg includes D.C. statehood in his sweeping racial equity plan, noting it would be the only state where black residents aren’t a racial minority

Kurt Bardella @kurtbardella: Read @PeteButtigieg #DouglassPlan to combat racial injustice in America … regardless of who you’re voting for in 2020, I think it is a positive thing that one of the leading presidential candidates is talking about race in America in a comprehensive way

Chris Geidner @ChrisGeidner: There is a whole lot to take in here, an ambitious, wide-ranging plan to address racism, racial disparities, and other race-related questions in America.

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