What Men and Women Do Not Want

In today’s society, relationships prove to be an important factor. They are up there with getting a good career; people want good careers and people also want good mates. A few college students were surveyed on what they each looked for in the opposite sex. College students are probably some of the best examples because they are getting their careers started and are looking for that special companion that they can potentially start a relationship with.

Since 50 percent  of men and 60 percent  of women said that they want to get married by the time they are the ages of 25-27, and the majority of them are already between the ages of 21-24, most likely they are already seeking a possiblemate, if they haven’t already found one.

Relationships are not easy these days; well SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS are not easy. Several people get in a relationship, but then after they are in that relationship it doesn’t last because there was something or several things that were lacking. We pretty much know what women and men over the age of 35 want, from reading Ebony and Essence magazines; however, what they want and what those under 35 want are a little different to a certain extent.

So what is that men and women do not want? What are their turn offs? Let’s find out. Of course with every want there are several things that men and women do not want. So what are the top ten things that turn men and women off about each other?

Men’s Turn Offs1. Bad Hygiene2. Bad Attitude3. No Communication4. No Direction5. Smoking6. Liars7. Bad Skin (acne)8. Profanity9. Selfish10. Jealousy

Women’s Turn Offs1. Bad Hygiene2. Poorly Dressed3. Too Cocky4. Laziness5. Smoking/Drinks too much6. Disrespectful7. Unreliable8. Stupidity9. Controlling/Jealous10. Thuglife mentality

It is proven that men are simpler when it comes to what they want in women; women on the other hand have more standards. Men basically just want women to posses’ three things: Beauty, Intelligence and Values/Morals. Men want someone that looks good on their arm, is smart and knows how to handle herself. As for Women the top five things, since women have more standards that they want in men are: Great personality, intelligence, goal oriented, good looks and God-fearing. Women want a man that can hold their interest, someone who comes at them with the proper respect (no talking about, “Hey Shawty” “Hey Sexy” Hey You” etc), and most importantly women like to know that they are going to be taken care of

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