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Purposely Awakened: The Series (Synopsis) 

Sheltered most of her childhood, former honor roll student and college dropout, Malaya Richardson, lived the life her first couple of years of her college matriculation. Finally, being on her own, Malaya’s eyes are introduced to new things and she soon yearns for the finer things in life when starting a job with a popular club promotion company ran by one of the notorious promoters in the city. How far is too far after a night of celebration turns into days and months of coma?

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Malaya (African-American female, early to mid 20s): Malaya is young and a bit naive. She came from a sheltered background, so when she got to college she started to live it up, and maybe a bit too much. No one could tell her anything because she thinks she knows it all! She’s that good girl, gone bad.

Mandell (African-American male, mid 20s to early 30s): Mandell is Malaya’s ex-boyfriend. He’s very ambitious and a hardworker. He’s been supporting himself since an early age. He’s cool and down to earth, but he’s no pushover.

Stacey (Any ethnicity, late teens (18/19) to early 20s): Store clerk. Very fashionable and friendly, but not over the top friendly. She definitely knows her fashion and how to coordinate outfits on every customer to match their personality.

Joey (Hispanic or white male, mid-20s to mid-30s): Mandell’s co-worker and best friend. Joey is that guy that you can tell anything too. He has a huge heart and loves gossip. He’s a hard worker, but when he can get out of work for a few minutes, he’s taking it. He favors play over work 80% of the time.

Mike (African-American male, mid-30s to mid-40s): Mike is a very notorious club promoter in the city. He’s also a very smooth talker.He can talk anybody into doing anything. He’s very wise both in the streets and in the books. He knows his business and is about his business. He also doesn’t play about his money. (Think a Suge Knight type of personality)

Rome (African-American male, late 20s to late 30s): Rome is Malaya’s cousin. He is that older cousin. While he’s very protective, he is also that cousin that if you get in trouble or thinking about dong something ‘crazy’/adventurous, he’s the first one you’ll call because he’ll have you back regardless and is down with the cause. He also hates Mike and isn’t afraid to display it.

Tiffany (African-American female, late 20s to mid-30s): Tiffany is Rome’s fiancee who also went to school with Malaya and mentored her. Tiffany is ‘retired’ party girl who is now about that family life. She is wise beyond her years and has that older spirit about her.

Grandmother (African-American female, early 50s to late 60s): Malaya’s grandmother is that old school grandmother mixed with just a little bit of new school. She can be overly protective. She’s not afraid to cuss someone off, although she refrains from it to keep it “classy”.

Tracey (African-American female, late 30s to late 40s): Malaya’s mother who battles with mental illness. She got pregnant at 15 and didn’t know how to cope with being a mother and being ill. Aside from her personal issues, she is also very wise and highly intelligent. And is the polar opposite of her mother.

Doctor (any ethnicity, male or female, late 20s to mid 40s): Very knowledgeable. Has a very neutral personality, not stuffy but not overly friendly. One of those doctors that you don’t hate going to, but that you don’t necessarily favor going to either. Not very personable or fond of small talk.

*African-American roles could be cast by those that are mixed. If you’re mixed with Black, you’re still Black)