Wardrobe 101: What Is Acceptable to Wear at a Certain Age?

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Style is a matter of expressing individuality- the freedom to piece together an outfit that reflects your personality. The style of the clothing or the brand of the clothing is all a matter of personal preference. However, is there a “cut off time” in which wearing certain brands of clothing may seem outdated, or not age appropriate? Or should some fashion trends not be duplicated under any circumstances?

Ms. Ashley Favors, a mass media arts major, agrees with the latter. “I don’t believe age has anything to do with the style of clothes you wear. For instance, one shouldn’t say ‘well he’s 20, so he can wear his pants baggy,’ but a 40-year-old can’t. That kind of style shouldn’t be expected of any age.”

I should offer my opinion on this. I think it is okay for people to wear what they choose, if they have a variety and a balance (there is that word again!) so they can mingle and adapt to different settings that require a certain dress code. Once you enter college, it is time to start investing in business casual clothing and conservative wear even if it isn’t your style. Whenever that opportunity for a job interview and other professional opportunities pop up, you need to look polished to be taken seriously. Please leave your freak em’ dresses, baggy pants, and clothing with huge designer labels plastered all over locked up in your closet!

“Honestly, at the age of 30 I think it’s beyond past due to wear ‘urban’ clothing. At that age one should be in a more refined and age appropriate attire,” says Clark Atlanta University senior Alicia Baker.

To a certain extent, your clothing defines who you are. Before you open your mouth, people are taking mental notes on your outfit and overall appearance. Therefore, they make assumptions on the type of person they think you are. People should be aware that even though it isn’t right to judge someone solely on their appearance, it happens all the time! Especially in the job industry, where a more conservative touch would leave a better impression than clothing that leaves little to the imagination. Seriously, there is a time and place for everything!


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