Valentino Dixon, 48, Gets Released from 27 Years of Wrongful Imprisonment in the wake of Gaining National Attention for Golf Course Drawings

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Indicted for a wrongdoing he never dedicated and serving time in one of the USA’s most infamous penitentiaries, Valentino Dixon invested a lot of his free energy drawing quiet scenes of lavish fairways.

Following 27 years in a correctional facility, Dixon, 48, left the Attica (N.Y.) Correctional Facility a liberated individual Wednesday as his homicide conviction in a 1991 shooting was authoritatively toppled.

Dixon’s case increased national consideration when he was profiled six years prior by Golf Digest for his fastidious meticulousness in the shaded pencil illustrations he made of courses, for example, Augusta National — notwithstanding never having grabbed a club in his life.

“They generally say I don’t should draw this golf stuff,” he has said. “I know it has neither rhyme nor reason, yet for reasons unknown my soul is sensitive to this amusement.”

From that point, the production and a few different gatherings — including the Georgetown University Prison Reform Project — started investigating the flawed conditions encompassing his conviction.

Despite the fact that Dixon had depleted every one of his interests, the Erie County head prosecutor’s office inevitably returned to the proof for the situation, which brought about an admission from the genuine shooter.

Upon his discharge, Dixon said he intended to go “to Red Lobster to celebrate with my family and my help group, at that point we will go to a recreation center.”

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