I could have loved you, but you didn’t want me to.

We never had our first date, regrettably, I turned down lunch that day. You extended an open invitation with no expiration. I took for granted the time I had to wait.

On the day I sat across from you, mesmerized by the instant connection as I gazed into those brown eyes. I felt the butterflies, not knowing the feelings would last, and the moment would pass.

Over a short period of time, I saw a glimpse of a man, my heart seemed to remember from another space, place and time.

I wanted to love you, but you didn’t want me to.

In the exploration of our passions we intertwined our hands, sadly it was my heart you refused to hold, if only you had taken the time to explore beyond my body to the depths of my mind and soul.

I wanted to love you, infinitely beyond restriction and the concept of time. The flame never ignited a fire, my heart beats slowly from the lack of desire, telling me I must let go.