Unpretty 2020

God supports a Brown shit stain

On a blue Uniform 

Each and every time a brother is shot unarmed 

They collect a pay check and relax with ease 

Knowing full well the courts got they back though they just killed a person who obviously couldn’t breathe 

Team Blue vs Team Black 

A man of African descent puts the uniform on and miraculously forgets the community he was once a part of when he was just a nigga from the rough side of the tracks 

But everybody should’ve seen this train coming 

They wanna defund the Police 

Cause The Military bout to be the only ones gunning 

I don’t trust nobody for shit

Democrats “on your side” but they STILL support Gun Control cause they understand in life somebody just gotta be the bitch 

And that’s the bait they got you to only focus your anger on Trump like the Left side is free from the exact same hate

If you don’t support Biden “You ain’t black”

That’s code for I’m the “Good” slave master therefore it is ME who teaches the blacks how to respond, vote, think and React 

Like Ice Cube said “Bow Down” we all hate the Klan but guess which party low key keeps their Philosophy around??

No Pizza yet Supreme 

Obama didn’t really do a damn thing 

But guess who still treats this nigga like he’s King?

The States are supposed to be United yet there’s this big ass division 

They locked us in the house and we joyfully accepted the unconstitutional imposed decision AKA a Polite citizen’s Prison 

To worship Government Control they attempting to make the new religion 

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Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.

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