Uncle Luke’s Bet Hip Hop Awards Acceptance Speech Reminds Us to Keep the Faith, No Matter How Long it Takes

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We all know that the entertainment industry is very competitive where you can put in years of work before getting the recognition that you deserve. Take it from Luke Campbell, better known as Uncle Luke, who made some of the best party jams of the South in the 80s and 90s. It took him up until now, 2017, to get the proper recognition that he deserves in the Hip Hop industry.

“35 years in this business, and ain’t nobody ever honor me for shit,” Luke said, after stepping on stage at the conclusion of a video that paid homage to him.

His speech was very moving and inspiring where he mentioned his hardships in the industry and how his money was spent. He didn’t blow his checks on flashy jewelry or cars. His checks went towards paying off his responsibilities which led to standing up for Hip Hop for a right of ‘freedom of speech’.

“Thirty years in this business, and ain’t nobody ever honor me for shit,” Luke begins in his acceptance speech. “We got kicked off stage because they said we did booty music. Said we wasn’t hip-hop. With the conventions, they told us that the South would not be what it is today. I said fuck y’all,” he continues.

He also gave back to the community through youth programs. In addition to explaining his struggles, he also stated his exhilaration in seeing the success of his fellow Miamians DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and Atlanta Falcons running back Devanta Freeman, all who have also put in the hardworking to get to where they are at.

If you missed the speech you can catch it below, and remember that it doesn’t matter how you start, but how you finish. Don’t ever get discouraged with the amount of time that it is taking for you to get your big break in. Your journey is only taking longer because your reward is far bigger than you could ever imagine, just keep putting in the work it will pay off sooner than you except.

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