Remember King, that she was created to be your help mate, not your “punching bag”. She’ll stand tall and support you through all life’s twists and turns.

On the battlefield she’ll be your staunch supporter, so please don’t ignore her. She’ll teach you something if you’re willing to learn.

At times heated exchanges, repeated derangements, and collateral damage are not healed. Blind to a point, so quick to anoint intentions that are not real.

Seeds of greatness that can feed generations, love reparations, cuz our souls they did steal. We need to share spaces, spirits soar to high places, you’re magic, just keeping it real.

Remember Queens, that he, is a mighty warrior fighting against the grain, masculinity strained under systemic oppression.

Does he love you is your question, why make the suggestion, there’s enough working against us in this world. He may get off track but he’ll come back as you yield him your strength and support.

Building him up, not tearing him down, enough already do that. Keep your head on swivel and watch his back, he’s currently under attack. They always out to get em…cuz he’s too strong for them…not fiction, it’s nothing but fact.

It’s in you that he trusts, don’t get lost in the lusts of this twisted and perverse world. Keep him on track, dreams may get sacked, he finds…cheddar, it’s harder to stack.

The truth is and please listen to this, he’s not a squirrel lookin for a “nut”. In this world, you’re the strongest he knows, so please don’t let go, get this deep down in your soul. Don’t sweat the small stuff….with whatever they hurl, just remember you’re always his girl!