Trump Dropped the Bomb on Media

On October 24, 2018, manila envelope, bubbled wrapped bombs were delivered per the mail to former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton’s homes.

No label, no stamps, no letter and no marks. The man hunt is on and in latest news several packages were intended for multiple senators of the Democratic party and critics of Trump.

Joe Biden and actor Robert Di Nero were targeted.  Biden is a politician, but why Di Nero?  So, now this crisis has been upgraded to a serial bomber terrorist attack.

According to CNN Journalists Jeff Zeleny and Jeremy Diamond, President trump jumped on the defense quickly blaming the media for all the chaos and violent attacks in the world. Coincidentally, CNN has also received a bomb package.

President Trump has made no attempt to reach out to any of the intended victims.

FBI officials have stated the bomb deliveries have only three intentions: to kill, threaten or scare.

No one has verbally accused Trump of anything, but like the saying goes, “The first one to smell it, dealt it.”

A suspect has been apprehended. Cesar Sayoc, a radical trump supporter whose vehicle was found covered in political propaganda glorifying President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, as well as CNN sucks.

Trump tweeted, “Republicans are doing so well in early voting and at the polls, and now the momentum greatly slows; news not talking politics. Very unfortunate what’s going on. Republicans get out and vote!”

It appears the president is more concerned with political votes to serve him and his agenda, rather than the act of terrorism.  This only shows he does not have a heart for the people, only for his campaign and propaganda.

These reports were disclosed by Steven Westwood, Maegan Vazquez and Sarah Westwood of CNN.


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