Travel Blogger, Cultured Black Pearl, Bridges the Gap in Travel & Tourism Sector for Women of Color

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Cultured Black Pearl is a travel and lifestyle blog featuring musings from abroad by a woman of color. The digital platform encourages and inspires women, especially those from the African diaspora to travel.

Cultured Black Pearl produces trustworthy content, shares resources, and connects travelers to brands and destinations interested in diverse consumers. Her travel blog teaches women how to travel seamlessly at home and beyond borders. Having traveled to more than 70 countries as a solo female traveler, Cultured Black Pearl is rising as a key travel influencer with first-hand knowledge of destination travel.

While the travel and tourism industry continue to ignore the buying power of the black community, which spends an estimated $60 billion annually on travel, platforms like Cultured Black Pearl emerge. Women of color make up the largest demographic of travel, yet are painstakingly overlooked in the travel and tourism sector. The industry focus continues to revolve around white consumers and millennials who “quit their jobs” to travel the world.

Many travel experts encouraging travelers to quit jobs and trek the globe lack transparency and honesty around what it truly takes to travel affordably and with longevity. They also fail to provide authentic experiences not just those customized exclusively for the white consumer.

Through engaging and clear dialogue, Cultured Black Pearl readership has grown steadily with more than 70,000 dedicated readers relying on her travel advice and insight as a seasoned solo female traveler.

“There’s a false perception black consumers desire the same experiences while traveling which simply isn’t true,” says Cultured Black Pearl. “Tourism boards, hotels, and destinations alike are blatant with their lack of interest for the black consumer. From simple things like amenities and products in your hotel room to the welcome or lack thereof, to working together. In too many cases ignoring cultural fit and fostering a disheartening environment is the norm.”

As a marketing and finance executive who gave up a lucrative career spanning more than twenty-years, Cultured Black Pearl has led corporations and brands to success. Developing diversity and inclusion programs, strategic marketing initiatives, and increasing visibility and awareness for luxury and emerging brands are a few ways she works with partners interested in growing business and embracing diversity.

To jumpstart wanderlust, Cultured Black Pearl is offering travel vouchers to select subscribers of her travel blog for a 3-day/2-night promotional getaway.

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