Trae The Truth Softens Tough Exterior in Heartfelt Video Dedicated to the Fight for Equal Rights to His Baby Girl Truth

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On Tuesday, October 29, 2019 BET premiered “Letter 2 Truth”, the heartfelt new visual from legendary Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth’s most vulnerable album to date, Exhale.

The music video, directed by Tru Films and Trae himself is the 3rd visual from the new project. Trae and Baby Truth traveled to the Big Apple to watch the actual BET premiere in the city’s famed Times Square alongside fans and supporters. Touching video of the once in a lifetime daddy/daughter bonding experience can be seen on the popular artist’s @traeabn Instagram page.

The engaging emcee, highly celebrated civic leader and humanitarian has been highly vocal and candid about the battle for equal custody and parenting rights relating to his 15-month-old baby girl Truth who he only gets to see one time per month.

According to Trae, “The system is not designed to be equal as it pertains to mothers and fathers…I’m speaking on real fathers who care to be in their kid’s life.”

He adds “I salute all the mothers who have to be both the momma and the father and the fathers who decide to fight for what’s right. A child needs both parents and Imma fight for mine.”

The “Letter 2 Truth” video allows fans to see a softer side of the hip hop titan, often perceived as intimidating. For hundreds of thousands of Houstonians, however, the beloved rapper is known as King Trae, or the “Big Homie” to the city for his tireless efforts to bring relief and rescue to countless families, shelters, churches, animals, businesses and more.

Transparency is woven in the very fiber of King Trae, as he is affectionately called. His unwavering and unabashed nature is what makes him such an engaging rapper, but also, what makes him a formidable man and father.

According to an interview with DJ Booth, this is most evident on “Letter 2 Truth,” a note to his daughter, where Trae pours his heart out on her behalf. He recounts falling in love with her at first touch, finally having a daughter to adore, and promising to love her with his whole self. It’s a touching moment that humanizes the rapper whose hard exterior often goes unchecked.

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