Okay, so, we’ve all had it happen. You meet a guy, you think, “Maybe this is it!”, then bam. You find out he has a dead body in his closet and still lives with his mother and 5 cats. I’m kidding of course, but when we first meet someone, we tend to put up with things that we shouldn’t because we are so fearful of ending up alone or we are so blinded by “puppy love” that we fail to recognize the things that are going on right in front of us. Here are the top seven red flags every woman should run for the hills if they see a man do:

The Wandering Eye

We know all men are going to take a peak at an attractive woman that walks by. Key word being peak. I once had a man physically turn his body and comment on every woman that walked by in a tight, short dress. Why did you even ask me on a date?! Ladies, if he’s looking that hard, he’s not into it or isn’t into a relationship. If he wants to play…then play on Mr. player!

Not paying or splitting the bill

Now, I’m all for this if a woman genuinely wants to pay her own way, more power to you, but if a guy expects you to pay or is suggesting you split when he explicitly made it known that you are on a date, that is a no-go. Check please!

He refers to you as his “friend”

Okay, so, obviously you two aren’t walking down the aisle anytime soon, but obviously, if a guy asks you on a date, he doesn’t think of you only as a friend. He can strictly use your name (i.e. “This is Danielle”) as opposed to putting the emphasis on adding in the word “friend”. If he does this repeatedly, he likely only views you as a friend or hookup buddy.

He won’t bring you around his friends

He gets a call, his friends are out, be he turns down the invitation for you both to join. Granted, once or twice, he could just want to get to know you better. But a third time…you aren’t the only one he’s seeing.


If a man is disrespectful to you or anyone around you, walk out the door. I once had a man on a second date call me fat to my face! If he’s making comments like this on only the first or second date, think of how he would be 6 months from now.

Dressing down

You asked me on a date, we’ve been flirting for a few weeks, at least put on a button down and some dark jeans! If he can’t be bothered to clean up for you at least on the first date, he obviously doesn’t value you enough to care about what you think of him or looking nice for you.


So, on the first date he says he lives alone, the second date he says he lives with a roommate, the third date he says he’s moving out on his own soon. Any genuine man is going to feel confident enough in his own skin to be honest with you no matter what. If he can’t be honest with the things he tells you from the start, it is likely he will never be.