Top Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses

The legalization of hemp-derived CBD on the federal level has skyrocketed the cannabis market in the States. Today CBD products are not limited to dispensaries, and you can find them in stations, cafes, drug stores, and boutiques. The market for cannabis will reach $80 billion by 2030, and lots of people are aiming to get into the cannabis business.

The legacy left by America’s decades-long War on Weed has profoundly impacted the Black communities. It targeted and stridently punished Black marijuana users and communities – the result today, there is less than 5 percent of the whole cannabis business sector founded or owned by Black people.

Now, the world has embraced and called on to support the Black Lives Matter (BLM). The notion is about bringing a systematic change on the system, and it is crucial that we also recommend this outlook. You can do your part by buying or supporting CBD and cannabis products from Black business owners. Here are the top Black-owned cannabis businesses.

Simply Pure

Simply Pure is the first Black-owned cannabis dispensary in Denver, Colorado. The owners Wanda James and Scott Durrah both are military veterans and resolute advocates for Black Rights. James is a legend in the community and a powerhouse for cannabis in the Denver industry. She was a former political advisor to the Obama administration, and Green Entrepreneur named her in 35 Most Influential Women in the Cannabis industry.


Viola, owned by former NBA star Al Harrington is one of the nation’s leading cannabis companies. Colorado is home to the brand, extending to the 15 states and has a large share of legal and medical cannabis markets. The ethos of the company is to empower other equity cannabis business owners. The company sells a premium range of cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, extracts, and other weed edibles perfectly packaged in violet.

Pure Oasis

Pure Oasis, founded by Kobie Evans and Kevin Hart in Boston, Massachusetts, is the first black-owned dispensary of the state. Both founders are unapologetically vocal about addressing social equity disparities in the cannabis industry. In May, Pure Oasis was looted on the same night of BLM protests. After the unfortunate incident, Evans mentioned they had “outpouring support from the community.”

Kush and Cute

Kush and Cute are all about girl power, say brand owner Iyana Edouard, with a range of unique CBD blends of beauty skin oils, bath bombs, scrubs, hair care, and more. Edouard wants to spread awareness and provide education to black women about the cannabis and CBD industry. The spirit of Kush and Cute lies in healing people naturally and holistically all over the world.

The Farmacy

The Farmacy owned by Mr.Sue Taylor is the notable name from Berkeley, California. Taylor founded ICANN in 2009 to create a community dispensary focused on supporting the senior community. Today the Farmacy evolves the real vision of ICANN and is a major adult-use dispensary with a consumption lounge. The most recent brand founded by Taylor is Mama Sue Wellness, which is also dedicated to senior consumers.

Blunts and Moore

Blunts and Moore is the first dispensary of The Town’s Cannabis Equity Program in Oakland and owned by Alphonso Blunt Jr. and Brittany Moore. The team calls Blunt + Moore a “Happy Store” and speaks about a success story of Blunt Jr. In 2004, he was arrested for possession with intent to sell and was given ten years of felony probation. He then aimed to enter the legal industry, and in 2008 he graduated from Oaksterdam University, only to partner with Moore.

American Cannabinoid Clinics

American Cannabinoid Clinics (ACC) is owned and operated by three black women doctors, Dr. Jessica Knox, Dr. Rachel Knox, and Dr. Janice Knox. This family of licensed physicians treats patients through special plants via Cannabis Therapeutics and Cannabinoid Medicine. ACC wants to educate and help people on how to use cannabis in their daily lifestyle and treat several ailments using cannabis.

Tyson Ranch

Tyson Ranch, owned by boxing legend Mike Tyson is a well-known celebrity cannabis brand. In 2016 Tyson started his cannabis empire with Tyson Holistic. Today Tyson Ranch is sitting on the shelves of most retailers throughout California and has also partnered with Planet 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The plants are grown by highly desired cultivators of the cannabis industry giving Tyson’s Ranch best goodies.

Gas House Brands

Gas House is a legend when it comes to growing and owning a cannabis business. The founders Felix and Kingston started from the streets of Atlanta, paving the way into making a $40 million cannabis brand. Kingston shares his story of the movement that begins from unlicensed space to a licensed one. Gas House also represents OG moments in the marijuana industry and its dark past related to the Black community.

Mary and Main

Mary and Main, a cannabis shop owned and operated by Dr. Octavia Wiseman, Hope Wiseman, and Dr. Larry Bryant in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Mary and Main offer to educate the community by offering marijuana as an alternative medicinal approach. Anyone can take classes to know and understand the whole deal with cannabis.Or else one can buy weed online Canada and start their cannabis journey.

Ilera Holistic Healthcare and National Holistic Healing Center

Ilera Holistic Healthcare and National Holistic Healing Center owned and handled by Dr. Chanda Macias is a stellar person in cannabis. Macias is one of the leading medical marijuana cultivators and processors in Louisiana. She is also the first black female entrepreneur to own a multistate cannabis operation across the country. Dr. Macias also makes it in the list of Green Entrepreneur’s 35 Most Influential Women in Cannabis.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart, based in Oakland and owned by Keith Stephenson, was the first Black-owned medical cannabis dispensary in Oakland and also the first Black-owned medical cannabis storefront in the country. The spirit of Purple Heart is selfless dedication towards its community and has a 14-year long history of giving.


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