Top 5 Activities for Black Millennials to do for Labor Day Weekend

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 With Labor Day just a week away, some are probably counting down and anticipating for their 3-day weekend where they can relax. Others are trying to figure out what they are going to do, especially since they can pass on sleeping in, they’d rather be out, but they want and need to stay within their budgets. So what is a young Black millennial to do this Labor Day weekend besides sitting at home? We put together five fun activities for the savvy and modern day millennial that will appease to their budgets as well as their entertainment needs.

  1. Turn around stay-cation. Explore something new in your town or a neighboring city. All you need is a full tank of gas, a few bucks for eating money, and your best friends. Besides it’s always exciting to visit a “hidden jewel” that you never knew was there, and holiday weekends are perfect for that.
  2. Host or attend an end of summer kick back. For millennials over the age of 25, partying has become a thing of the past, unless it’s for someone’s birthday. By 25, you’re most likely over the club scene and prefer chill. A nice kick back over a friend’s house with a few drinks and food suits many millennials. Plus, you or a friend can hop on the grill for a little Labor Day BBQ. This is definitely a great way to end summer.
  3. Hit up the county fair. If you’re reading this from the Los Angeles or surrounding area, the fair is a great way to spend Labor Day weekend, and it starts on Labor Day weekend. There’s great food, good drinks, and plenty of attractions to suit the entertainment needs of both the young and old. The fair is also great for date nights.
  4. Check out your city’s block party. Some cities have special block parties and events for Labor Day that are usually FREE of charge. Check out your city’s website to find out what your city is doing. 
  5. Bonfire on the beach. This will probably be your last chance to host that bonfire that you’ve been wanting to do all summer because after Labor Day is usually when the temperature starts to drop in most cities as we prepare to go into Fall. 

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