To Wed or Not Wed

For today’s generation, the institution of marriage has changed. With the expectation of commitment at an all time low and the divorce rate at an all time high many young people are second guessing taking that walk down the aisle. Relationships with our grandparents were much different when they were coming up.

Before marriage, children, living together and sex there was courting/dating. Couples actually dated and got to know each other mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Now, having sex on the first date is common and sometimes expected. Furthermore, many young people do not have any positive role models when it comes to a healthy and happy marriage. Many people are being counseled by people who themselves do not know how to establish a successful marriage. Thus, the cycle continues

For today’s pop culture marriage has become about the elaborate wedding, the prenuptial agreement, and the office bet to see how long the relationship will last. It has become a joke. Many people fail to realize that they are making a vow to God. A marriage should be taken seriously and handled with care. Each person should enter into the marriage willing and able to give 100 percent of them selves. 50/50 is unacceptable. Each person should also be strong enough to at times give a little more. People are not perfect therefore the balance often shifts. Yet, there shouldn’t be one person always giving more and the other always taking more.Marriage can be beautiful, and happy, and long lasting but it takes work. There is still hope for today’s generation but they have to be willing to make the change.

“Today the divorce rates are very high, however I feel that being in love is wonderful and love today, tomorrow or fifty years ago is no different. Some people say there are” restrictions on love,” for example you shouldn’t marry someone out of your race or young people in this generation don’t know what love is or you should have a certain amount of finances. I believe there should be no “restrictions on love” if a man and a women truly love each other and its God’s will for them to get married then they should.”-Markia 23 Savannah, GA

“The Institution of Marriage today is a joke. No one takes marriage seriously anymore. We jump from relationship to relationship, in the process we’re creating broken homes, families, and even worse messed up kids. Vows are valued and changed like facebook statuses. We often forget that we’re not just making vows to the person we’re marrying; we’re making them to God. Although, I’m not a direct supporter of same sex marriages, I do believe they should be able to freely love who they wish. However, it’s crazy that we have the audacity to ban same sex marriages when it’s straight people who don’t honor the sanctity of marriage.” -Jared 26 Atlanta, GA,

“I think today’s generation is more care free when it comes to that subject. We are supporters of love with who you want as long as you are happy.”-Richardson 22 Atlanta, GA

“I feel like guys today aren’t really ready for marriage. I can’t keep up with the amount of guys that try to approach me and talk to me that are married.”-Laura 24 Atlanta, GA

“It is a wonderful thing when done with the right two people and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you can not deal with every aspect of your mates personality (that means women no saying I can change him) you shouldn’t be married. Marriage is a as is sell.”- Ashley 27 Buffalo, NY

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Tamara Jackson was born in Houston, TX and raised in Buffalo, NY. At an early age, she realized her love for words. She began writing poetry which evolved into songs, then skits, then plays, then screenplays. Currently, Tamara is a graduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design where she is working towards her MFA in performing arts. She is writing her first book. (Update: She graduated from SCAD in 2012).

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