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Tiffany Black Keeps the Dream Alive by Proving that You can Be Beautiful x Successful

Many dream of being an actress or actor, and as we all know, the acting life is hard. In the film industry world, you can work on a movie one season and then be out of work for another season until the next film project comes up. This is why as an actress or actor you must hustle and hustle hard! Tiffany Black is one of the most hardworking actresses that I know. She that triple threat in the industry who is bringing in several different sources of income by living and working in her passion.

Black is ac actress, writer, director, and entrepreneur. I met her after interviewing her during her creation of her Plenty Pennies web platform for Black web series. Since then she has moved from California to Atlanta, Georgia where she has just been on fire in her passion! She recently wrapped up the shooting of her newest series, “The Gram,” and her Love Stamp business of Henna tattoos has been blossoming and growing. She also has three books that she has written which journeys her life in the industry. Those are available on her website. Miss Tiffany Black is truly keeping the dream alive by being able to solely live and work in passion and purpose full-time! Who needs a day job when you’re creating your own on your own hours and time.

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