This Is Why It’s So Easy To Get Arrested While Black

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Police working for white people as “personal racism valets” dates back to “slave patrols,” created to preserve the slavery system and reinforce the myth of white supremacy.

After the U.S. abolished slavery, Southern states passed laws called “black codes.”

These laws restricted Black people’s freedoms, and forced most into sharecropping agreements with unjust wages, trapping them in a cycle of debt and free labor.

If a free Black person refused to sign these contracts, they risked being killed or arrested for vagrancy. Being Black and unemployed became a criminal act.

Today, in the form of loitering laws and racial profiling, we see how slave patrols and black codes laid the foundation for modern police forces.

They set the stage for the criminal justice system to discriminate against, arrest, and incarcerate Black people for not doing anything at all… and call it justice.

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