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This is Why Every Map You’ve Ever Seen Has Lied to You About Africa

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]aps are not your best friend. Most global maps don’t capture just how massive Africa is compared to other continents and this propaganda dates back to the 16th century.

Gerardus Mercator born Geert de Kremer created the popular Mercator map used for sailors in 1569. It stayed in use during the slave trade and even in schools today.

Despite the fact that it is completely false. Kremer simply made Europe and Europe’s new colonies in the new world bigger to favor white people.

The Mercator maps make Africa smaller even though the U.S., India, China, Mexico and Europe can fit inside of the huge landmass.

North, south, east, and west directions don’t exist in space, so there is no scientific reason for North America and Europe to be on top of our maps.

The iconic “blue marble” image of Earth was originally photographed from an angle that shows Africa at the “top” of the Earth. However it was flipped upside down to put majority-white countries above non-white ones.

Many scholars note that the map reversal has negative psychological impacts on humanity. These maps subtly hint at a world hierarchy with whites on top and Blacks on the bottom. White countries are literally sitting on top of the world.

Nowadays, the Mercator map has been challenged and some schools around the country have used the Hobo-Dyer map that shows the truth. Africa is larger on the map like it should be.


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1 Comment

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