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There’s More Than Egypt



There’s pretty much two versions of Africa you see through the lens of the media. Somber music serenades you as images of children with exposed bellies flash across the screen. Then a voice says “ A dollar a day can feed these children.” Does that sound familiar? How about the luxurious sands of Egypt with towering pyramids and pharaohs draped in gold? Even when they show Egyptians they are pale or just plain out white. Two recent movies that come to mind are God’s of Egypt and Exodus. Who star Gerald Butler and Christian Bale respectively.

It’s as if they’ve tried to erase our history. They don’t tell us the whole truth. We have more glorious history to claim on the continent than just Egypt. I don’t even quite grasp the fascination with Egypt. There are a plethora of African Kingdoms that rival the grandness of Egypt. They hide the truth from us. Letting Egypt be the only great empire on the continent and then arguing whether or not they were African.

“They hide the truth from us.”

This is a brief overview of other African Empires that are rarely discussed.

The more known Mali Empire was a West African empire near the Sahara Desert. It was one of the largest empires the world has ever seen with it occupying modern-day Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, and much more. During its height in 1350 C.E. only the Mongol Empire was greater in size. There aren’t many written accounts that have survived until today. The few they have found were written by Arab scholars. Most of the history we know is passed down orally or through works like poems. The most famous ruler Mansa Musa is best known for his pilgrimage to Islam where he took so much gold that the price of it became inflated. He was one of, if not the richest man to ever grace this Earth. He is responsible for the construction of Sankara Madrassa, the greatest library in Africa at the time. It is even thought that they sent a fleet of ships to the Americas.

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Dom Alexander is a writer currently majoring in Journalism. He has his own blog where he covers all topics from mental health to hip-hop.

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