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There Aren’t Any Other Alternatives

During this current election cycle, we’ve experienced a variety of attempts by white supremacy and American society to permanently disenfranchise foundational black people living in American society. During this time of economic uncertainty and COVID-19 pandemic, our agenda continues to move forward sidestepping every obstacle. We’re on a mission, and our viable interests and opportunities will be explored whether the oppressive forces are equipped to deal with accepting their punitive and financial punishments, or not.

Tangibles for 2020 is the black agenda and issue that the oppressive forces fail to address and continuously ignore pridefully. Confusion on both sides of the campaign trails has been the result of the political establishments’ own fumbling and hiding of its own malpractice.  The republican and democratic parties have both established the positions that they will not give in to the demands of 400 years of oppression. The President, Mr. Trump, seems to think that black people in America don’t have a shot at receiving the tangible opportunities that have been stolen from them. Trump has his doubts, “It’s been a very interesting debate. I don’t see it happening, no.”  (Cummings, 2020) Very interesting indeed see the President state that something is so interesting that it commands his attention, but he doesn’t think that it will be successful. Sounds like he has made an indirect decision not to support the black agenda.

The democratic party doesn’t render any results that acknowledge or approve of the agenda for black America. The democratic party went so far as to nominate a classic white supremacist with a track record of putting laws on the books in the 1990s that systematically further contributed to the disenfranchising conditions that black America is facing today. Also, at this late date in a last-ditch effort to save any face for the democratic party, the party along with presidential candidate Joe Biden nominate Kamala Harris. Harris has a history of intimidating the disadvantaged, and women, black single mothers to be more precise. As a California prosecutor,” Harris cheerfully recounts the story of sending an attorney from her office to intimidate a homeless single mother whose children were missing school. She smiles as she recalls how she instructed her subordinates to “look really mean” so that the mother would take the threat of jail seriously.” (Robinson, 2020). In fact, those so-called threats resulted in lengthy prison sentences for black single-parent mothers. This crime against black America was so casually implemented by Harris. “Harris looked at the problem of perpetual truancy and believed she ought to start locking up parents.” (Robinson, 2020).

And a so-called bi-racial, or want to be black woman says incarcerating black women is within the best interests of black America? The democratic party has literally shifted its campaign slogan to “Let’s see if we can get black folks to vote for us.” When we ask why should we vote for y’all, and what is the democratic party going to do for us? Next, the black community receives a shocking answer, “the former vice president said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”At a minimum, he’s overreading his standing with black voters.” (Swerdlick, 2020) Even the Washington Post could clearly see that the democrats and Biden are on a one-track road attempting to round up all of the black voting support. The only thing that is wrong is that black America is not listening, because our demands are not being met, and YES we are a very diverse culture. The 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s are gone. Both parties do not have any plays left in their white supremacist playbooks to contain and control 400 years of pinned up kinetic energy.    

The pandemic was designed to hide the economic fallout that is looming. With the gradual increase in unemployment due to store closings and state shutdowns black America traditionally is supposed to be the supporting anchor group for America. At the same time, we’re supposed to also deal with the same historically factual abuses that would come with making America great again. This generation of black empowered leaders have committed themselves toward delivering reparations to foundational black American communities in one way or another. Having to choose between two options and seeing that neither option provides any benefits, these political viewpoints will no longer be entertained. Politically and economically black America is in the beginning stages of securing its independence. Our communities are beginning to understand how we all grow as black people by subscribing to our own black empowerment.   


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