Theater Review: ‘Pass the Cornbread’ Brings the Family Together Through Individual Life Testimonies

When author and playwright, T’ana Phelice, decided to branch out from the literary world to the stage atmosphere, her followers and others in the community would leave her plays feeling inspired. After her first stage production, ‘The Diamond Monologues’ she wanted to continue to put out work that would impact people’s lives for the better, and hence her next stage production ‘Pass the Cornbread’ was created.

‘Pass the Cornbread’, which debuted on Saturday, April 21 at the New Hope Christian Life Center in San Bernardino, is about six cousins who are trying to get to the truth. They are trying to get to truth about their life, purpose and self-worth. Sunday dinners is when the cousins gather around the table for some good ol’ cornbread and home-cooking to not only come together as a family, but to update each other on what’s happening in their individual lives. They each inspire each other in some way or another. Towards the end of the production the audience can feel the redemption that each character has gone through.  

The cast consists of six dynamic actors: T’ana Phelice, Audrica McPeters, Tiffany Smith-Brooks, Mike Braswell, Queene Esther and Nycce Blingsly. This production was very unique, not just from the storyline, but for the mere fact that each story was REAL! This is the first time that Phelice casted a play without a script. Each cast member gave her their testimony and the storyline was created it. 

If you missed this production, there will be more dates in the future. Follow T’ana Phelice on all social networks or visit her website at for upcoming events and updates. 

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