The Tragedies That Cannot Be Explained

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There are tragedies that occur in life. No matter how we rack our brain, we cannot comprehend or change.  

A teenager who is paralyzed playing his sport, the families and towns torn apart by tornadoes, school massacres, people gunned down for their religious beliefs.  Dying to depression and grief internally.  Senseless deaths that shake us to the very being of our core, cannot be easily forgotten or understood.

I was the nurse to a paraplegic 16-year old, African-American boy. I dressed his wounds while he lay there lifeless and numb to the world around him. So handsome, so young.  Administering his antidepressant, I thought in my head, how could this happen? Why had his life been halted in such a way. There’s was nothing I could think to say. In shock I was, seeing real loss and tragedy up so close, that could not be explained. 

The tornado that is an act of nature, leaving debris and death behind as a picture, amongst people shopping and enjoying a day that others will live to remember.

A kid being gun down by a cop. The existence of evil people who do horrible things. Yet, death and pain are a common denominator we will all eventually face. All we can do is appreciate the beauty in this life, live in the moment, with grace, compassion, love and kindness.  

Everything is not meant to be understood.   There are lessons meant to be learned, appreciation for what you have. Treasuring the time by fully living the life you were given, despite the injustices.  Using your strength to uplift others in pain.  

During unexplainable phenomenons communities, culture and people come together. Stand up for rights and injustices, feed the hungry and give to the poor. I believe sometimes it takes a tragedy to inspire us to do more and be more with the time and gifts we have to share. Sometimes it takes losing what you had to appreciate what you have. Learning the gift of gratitude sometimes cost.

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Christy Angelette is part of the Generation X generation. She is a mother of three amazing sons and is a southern Queen born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She is an advocate for mental health and destigmatizing mental illness. She also has a published book entitled, “Unbalanced”, a fact and fictional book on matters of mental health, abuse, toxic relationships and healing. It is available via Amazon, Google, iTunes and Barnes and Nobel.

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