Society views people like objects on a chess board: black or white; rich or poor; kings; queens; or pawns. They neglect to see us as souls that serve a higher purpose, which is to heal, create, educate and love.

Meghan Markle, former actress of the hit TV show, Suits, was raised in South Central Los Angeles, married into the British royal family, and is currently the Duchess of Sussex. Since she assumed this role, from the very beginnings of the royal wedding, Britain media has been cruel and overtly offensive because of her Black heritage.

An article from Daily Mail UK news headline reads, “Harry’s girl (almost) straight outta Compton”, demeaning her bi-racial ethnicity and upbringing by saying she was raised on the wrong side of the tracks. The couple has been harshly criticized for everything they do in the public eye, including becoming parents. Media have made statements in regards to the child such as, “a baby chimpanzee.” Meghan’s non-British race in “their” eyes is the biggest flaw of all. The Duchess has also faced blatant racism within the Royal family.

In recent news, the couple posted a farewell to all the drama per Instagram stating, “After many months of reflection and discussion, we have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution. We intend to take a step back as ‘senior’ royal members.”

Prince Harry is the son of the deceased Princess Diana, who also extricated herself from the royal family. The Britain community is in an uproar and supposedly in shock. To my surprise, Britain was built on White Supremacy and the servitude of Caribbean’s (the Windrush generation) who had their civil rights broken because of their ethnic heritage.

As you can see, racism is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s up to us to change the narrative of this story by living our black excellence, achieving and surpassing Martin Luther King Jr’s dream. We must make a life for ourselves beyond poverty and a less than mentality. We are intelligent, more than capable beings. It’s important for us to wake up and rise up by working together and with other races who are not motivated by hate because of our color.

Let’s take our seat at the table in making decisions that impact us and generations to come. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have refused to live their lives defined and prohibited by bigotry and racism, and so should would we.