The One Up: Play, Drink, Socialize

The hottest new bar in Sherman Oaks, The One Up, definitely brought out a large crowd on the day of its opening. The bar’s dark, yet somewhat romantic atmosphere creates for a calm yet exciting ambiance. People crowded in the back around an array of video games, playing games while with a drink in hand.

The bar’s lighting décor consisted of hanging circular lamps and orange, red, and blue tinted writing. The walls were made of brick, creating for an almost “homey” atmosphere. The bar was surrounded by unique décor such as books, a dinosaur, drawers, and the bust of a white deer head.

A corner of the bar even has a little lounge area with a seat that resembles that of a bird cage.

The bar is sectioned off between an area where people can drink and eat and hold conversations together, while the back has numerous video games and a couch to sit on if that is not your scene.

The artwork was very modern and oriented around Los Angeles. A large painting of the word “Hollywood” was hung in the lounge area beside a red couch. The crowd the bar attracted was mainly young people looking to have some fun on a Friday night. With it’s intimate atmosphere and trendy style, this location does not disappoint for someone looking for a unique bar experience.

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