No more are the days where women would sit back and let the man chase after them. There’s a new age dating thing that has been surfacing and many millennials have been referring to it as ‘calling your shot’. Meaning, the ladies are now stepping up and making the first attempt to get what they want.

Now some of the baby boomers and Grandparents may be holding their chest and thinking, “Now baby, you know if the man really wants you then he’ll chase after you. Trust, that’s how I got your Grandfather and we’ve been married for over 50 years.”  The older generation still believe and will probably always believe in making the men do the “hunting” and “capturing”.

However, many men find it attractive when the woman steps to him first because it shows confidence and that the woman is not afraid of being who she is. Men already don’t really like rejection and some don’t take it well, so when men out there still step up to a woman it takes major guts, so when it a woman does it, a man digs that especially if he already was feeling her but just couldn’t get up the courage to ask her for the number because of the fear of rejection.

To back up the theory above we did a poll on the Purposely Awakened Instagram page to see how our followers felt. 83 percent of women who participated in the survey said that they would call their shot and approach a guy that they were interested in first, while a small 13 percent said that they would not. We also asked the fellas how many of them like it when a woman shoots her shot and not to our surprise, 100 percent of them said that ‘yes’ they do like when a woman approaches them. Then to end things off we wanted to see how many women were still a bit old fashioned, so we asked them if they still preferred for the man to make ALL first moves. 67 percent said yes and 33 percent said no. 

So, there you have it. Ladies, it’s 2018, if you are really into that guy and you both seem to notice each other, don’t be shy and approach him! He’s waiting for you to do it. He’s probably not steeping to you first because 1) he doesn’t think he’s your type and 2) he doesn’t want to get rejected because he knows how cruel women can be at times. Now if they guy just so does happen to approach you first and you guys exchange numbers, don’t be afraid to text him first. 

Let’s stop with all the mind games of who is supposed to text who first. When you text him you also show him that you are interested and watch how things go from there. Trust, things will be in your favor. He already showed his interest in the number change or in the “sneak peaks” as you guys pass each other. So shoot you shot girl! Don’t be shy! Many woman have ended up getting married years after approaching the guy that they liked. Worst case scenario is that he’s taken or say’s no, but if he’s single and already showed a little interest then you have nothing to lose.