The Ice Age vs Global Warming

There are those who would have us believe, that global warming is not a significant problem we should be concerned with or focusing on. Yet as the seasons change, and the years go by, the temperatures, diseases, natural disasters and death continue to rise. 

The ice age is not a myth; it occurred. Scientists discovered the reasonings from man’s perspective is like what we are doing now. In 2012, the national report found that dinosaurs released their own toxics into the air by the digestion process in a similar amount as humanity’s current methane release. This leads us to another predominate factor, the green house effect.

The green house effect fell at the start of the ice age and rose during the end. It is the process by which radiation from the planet’s atmosphere warms the surface to a temperature above what it would be without its atmosphere. 

David Easterling’s latest national climate report revealed over the last one hundred to a thousand years, the sharp increase in human activity burning fossil fuels has caused the parallel sharp increase in atmosphere green house gases, which trap the sunlight’s heat. The principal cause of global warming.

The climate assessment focus was primarily on the economy, not the overall health and viability of the people. Since earth is already at its population max, unjustly as it may be, losing a few million would be an answer to that problem.

The truth of the matter is the worsening of this geographical problem results in a worsening of air pollution, more disease from an increase of insects, deaths by heat waves, cardiac problems, nastier allergies and a rise of national disasters, such as hurricanes, tsunamis and wild fires. The economic loss is projected to reach the hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century and the U.S. will be three to twelve degrees hotter because of global warming.

Our great government denies this and the scientific evidence they know to be true to keep the nation calm and avoid panic. This would explain the current President’s claims; he cannot let hundreds of billions of dollars go unclaimed. They are preparing for what is to come. The question is, are you?

The future generations of your off spring will be directly affected by what we do in this present day and time concerning this matter of “global warming.”

SOURCES: Wikipedia, FOX News


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