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The Game: Season Recap

I have not been a follower of the TV show called “The Game,” because it conflicted with some of my shows I was use to watching at that time slot, but this season I found myself glued to the TV watching it this season, and I have to say that it was very interesting to watch. I also found myself forgetting about the shows I use to watch to see what was going to happen from baby momma drama to the star athlete who got a big head and had to go to rehab with his drug addiction to the very attractive older woman who seems to not be able to keep a good man, but always gives the advice to you on how you can keep your man. The only thing that I could see happening that could bring more ratings, or giving its audience more from the show is a longer time slot because being only 30 minutes you just find yourself starting to get into it then suddenly its going off having you wish that Tuesday would hurry up and get here so you can see what’s going to happen. I could sit down and ask several avid followers of the hit TV show, and they expressed to me their views on the show and how it has grown throughout the season and how they look forward to not just the next season but seasons to follow.

Looking back from the first season of the show how do you feel as the characters have grown?

Cherise D. 25 years old female from Houston, TX: Melanie she has gotten bolder instead of holding her feelings or thoughts she is more expressive and free. Kelly, while having found her independence lost her damn mind and herself. Tasha Mack is still Tasha Mack, but may finally be recognizing what is wrong with her why she is the statistical successful black woman. Jason is still the cheesy black guy who will turn into “uncle tom” separating himself from his own race. He is figuring out what is important the most and that is family and your friends. Derwin has become a bit hypocritical this season. Brittany needs one of those big momma beatings that will get her mind right (lol). Malik it is about time he recognized how he had a lot of insecurities and was using alcohol to cover them. Tee Tee is that dude while some people may see him as a pushover he stands true to his values and himself and is the loyalist dude on the show. Janae typical spiteful baby momma in a way, but when it comes to her child at least she kept his interest at heart.

Courtney R. 26 years old female from Baton Rouge, LA:I had some mix feelings for all the characters. I still like Derwin Davis, Jason Pitts, and Tasha Mack (a true diva who can’t keep a man, but she’s still Tasha Mack). However, I wasn’t a fan of Kelly Pitts (after her divorce from Jason), the new Brittany Pitts (where did they get her from?) Malik started off wild as ever (by sleeping with the Saber’s owner’s wife) but finally calmed down after meeting his true love in rehab unfortunately were not sure what’s going to happen with those two. Melanie really changed after she became “Mrs. Davis” not only has she got into being a football stars’ wife, but she’s done some things that makes you wonder “should she have done that” or “what was she thinking

Candace W.25 years old from Dallas, TX:I feel that there are some characters that have grown and a couple that haven’t. Malik has grown because he’s been a whore and been an asshole when he went to rehab he changed for the better. Melanie has not grown too much because she is still stuck on Derwin being a father and she cannot accept the fact that he is a father.

Now that the fourth season has come to an end how do you see the next season progressing?

Candace: I want to see more of when Melanie had an abortion and I want to see if Derwin and Janae get along. I want to see how Derwin and Jason will get along with the new football player on their team. I want to see more of Kelly and if she has resolved her issues.

Courtney:I’m excited about the next season, but I think BET should allow each episode to last an hour instead of 30 minutes (20 minutes after commercials)

Cherise: If they have a next season the drama will pick up with Melanie and Derwin who was supposed to be your baby daddy? Hmm? Were you pregnant that time Derwin handed you that pregnancy test for baby “Apalonia.” Hopefully Jason and Kelly get back on because they need each other for sure. Malik and Jenna need to start a family. Tee tee needs a franchise of wings truck and deserves to finally get a quality woman. Tasha maybe gets a man and finally walks down the altar.

If you could be one of the cast members on the show who would it be?

Cherise: Tasha Mack that woman is bad at 40+ plus she gets some fine fine men. She is sassy and about her family and friends. She always looks fresh and stays ambitious and motivated.

Courtney: I would say a mixture between Melanie and Tasha. I am “wifey” material, but I have true specifications of a diva that doesn’t take any bull. Don’t get me mistaken of being “Boujetto”

Candace: I could be Tasha because she is straight forward and she says whatever is on her mind.

Who do you feel on the show is a cast member that you could relate to in life? And why?

Candace: I could relate to Melanie as for paying for college and when she was having relationship issues with Derwin.

Courtney: I would say Melanie, because there were a lot of things that I can relate to. For example, if I’m married to a man (that I’ve been in a relationship on and off) and he is about to have a baby I most definitely will do a DNA testing. Now I believe Melanie should’ve done the testing when the baby was a newborn instead of waiting two years.

Cherise:Everybody, frugal like Jason but my baby comes first. Tasha is the ultimate single mother even though her baby is no longer a baby, but she makes you understand how it is to raise a boy into a man. Med school Mel you have a love and you do what it takes to keep the love, compromising at times and standing up when necessary. Malik just trying to stay focused while improving himself. Derwin consults god on everything. Tee Tee loyal as they come.

Who is you least favorite member on the show? And do you feel the show could thrive if they wrote them off or replaced them?

Cherise: Jason because without Kelly what is his role really? I wouldn’t want to see him go through his cockiness keeps the energy flowing.

Courtney: I would say remove the new Brittany Pitts and replace her with the old Brittany Pitts.

Candace: Melanie even though I could relate to her on a level, but I don’t think that show could thrive if they had written her off because I think the viewers are interested in the drama Melanie and Derwin and Janae go through.

What is your most memorable moment of the show since you watched it?

Candace:When Malik had changed his lifestyle around and that made me like him.

Courtney: There was so much on that first episode that had me and everyone at the edge of their seat. Twitter and Facebook was going H.A.M.

Cherise: When Melanie left Jerome, and goes to tell Derwin she loves him and then finds out Janae is pregnant that is where everything picked up.

What makes this show stand out from the other black TV shows that have aired from Martin to House of Payne?

Cherise: I don’t know if it stands out it just shows another aspect of black culture that people don’t get to see. The pro athlete and his drama, the decisions he must make to keep his career going, the role of family and friends.

Courtney: This show deals with drama that happens daily. Nowadays, people get divorce, abortions, unemployment, etc.

Candace: It’s very interesting and it has good acting, a well-known cast and the show is different than Martin and House of Payne.

Since the show has aired there have been several life lessons spoken of. Which do you feel have related to the most or do you feel the show has touched on any of the everyday life lessons?

Candace: I feel that the show has touched on everyday life lessons the topics that the show discussed there are people in real life that have gone through the same situations.

Courtney:I guess in Malik’s situation karma is a hard pill to swallow, and be mindful of the skeletons you have in your closet. He is a prime example of the life lesson of when you are getting your life back in order there is always somebody from your past dealings that will bring you back down.

Cherise: Throughout the season loyalty was touched on and deciding where your loyalties lie. That is what made everybody pay attention and that is what the drama surrounded a lost in loyalty somewhere. The question was how to get back on track once you lost it.

Do you feel that the show has touched on stereotypes with black men and women?

Cherise:Black women sure the angry black woman or the insecure female. The stereotype of all women being envious of one another. Black men: male insecurities, the male hoe, the arrogant athlete who feels he is untouchable because his name has made a few headlines, and the alcoholic black male. Despite the negative they showed a lot of positive like the black couple that is willing to work it out for their marriage how we can overcome our addictions lift each other up when we are going through. Biggest thing showing the black men that no matter what the drama still taking care of their kids and doing what is in their best interest.

Courtney:Somewhat, but I don’t allow that to bother me and it shouldn’t bother others. Its entertainment and I’m glad BET brought the show back on the air.

Candace: No I don’t really think so.

What is something that you look forward to the next season with the cast and show?

Candace: I’m looking forward to some much more intense scenes and I’m looking forward to another season hopefully this year.

Courtney: Well I’m interested in seeing if Melanie’s aborted baby is for Derwin. If not who’s the baby daddy. Also, I would like to see what’s going to happen with Malik and Tasha since he is now pretty much stuck in the doghouse with the owner and she is pretty much jobless.

Cherise: Discovering who got Melanie pregnant, and what her reason behind her actions was.

Do you feel that if the show was on a different network other than BET that it would have the same ratings as it would if it was on another network?

Cherise: It used to be on another network CW. For people who followed on that network most of the shows are based toward suburban white community. My answer would be no. It didn’t pick up as a huge following until it came to BET because it came to a network that is marketed to minorities and is followed by minorities. If it moved networks now it might just build another network rating because it has a huge following because of BET.

Courtney: To be honest no. I didn’t know this show existed on the CW network, until it started airing on BET in 2009. I just happen to catch the last episode on CW (Melanie and Derwin’s wedding) before it went to BET for the new season. It’s sad but true. So, BET really made this shows ratings excel.

Candace: I don’t think it would really matter because I wanted the show to come back and so did the fans. Also, it really didn’t matter which network it came on.


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