The Flint Water Crisis Was First Revealed in the Classic Hit Movie, ‘Three the Hard Way’

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The phrase ‘A’int nothing new under the sun’, is ever so true. Also, most movies are also a predicament to what is currently going on in society.

Most probably remember the news headlines about the water conditions in Flint, Michigan back in 2014. Flint is also a highly populated urban area where the majority of folks are Black.  However, how many can say that they remember the 1974 movie, Three the Hard Way

Three the Hard Way was a Blaxploitation film about three martial-arts specialists who prevent white supremacists from tainting the U.S. water supply with a toxin that’s only harmful to Black people. Hmm, sound familiar? That pretty much sounds like the Flint water crisis in a nutshell; however, this movie was released 40 years prior to the 2014 epidemic. 

The movie was directed by Gordon Parks Jr. and written by Eric Bercovici and Jerrold L. Ludwig. If you have not seen it nor heard of it, check it out above.

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