The Comedian Comeback

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Earlier this month, celebrity comedian Steve Harvey, turned talk show host and entrepreneur’s, hit TV talk show Steve Harvey was canceled followed by his hosting of Little Big Shots and Family Feud

He recently engaged with the Academy Award winning actress Monique as a guest. The conversation became a debate about maintaining ethics vs. maintaining money. Steve seemed to believe one tends to not accompany the other stating that, “It’s the money game.”

Following the airing of this controversial topic, the show was canceled and bad business news seemed to drop upon his head like bombs.  As a reader of his book, “The Jump“, I already knew Steve would rise above it all and carry on. 

In a recently aired show, Steve Harvey encouraged an audience member who was down on his luck and in a jobless state by saying, “Sometimes we don’t jump, we get pushed.” I find that to be true, taking a leap into the unknown decidedly or forcefully requires faith that no matter how far you fall, you can get up and win again. If we’re still breathing, we get a chance to start again.

Steve still grins and shares his comedian light and inspires many with his get up and get it attitude despite the hard knocks of life.

As you live and learn, you come to see and believe in this truth. When one door closes, another one opens. In every book, until it’s finished one chapter will lead to the next.  I am inspired and convinced that Mr. Harvey’s story isn’t over yet. Don’t count him out, just because the chips are down.

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Christy Angelette is part of the Generation X generation. She is a mother of three amazing sons and is a southern Queen born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She is an advocate for mental health and destigmatizing mental illness. She also has a published book entitled, “Unbalanced”, a fact and fictional book on matters of mental health, abuse, toxic relationships and healing. It is available via Amazon, Google, iTunes and Barnes and Nobel.

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