This world divides us racially, religiously, economically, and politically. Political tensions are at their highest, bringing about a great divide between democrats and republicans. Black Americans in these times seem to have lost sight of what our ancestors have fought, protested, and died for; the right and freedom to make our voices heard and to live our lives beyond mediocracy and government handouts.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing a young black American man from Madison, Mississippi who recently gave me some political insight and advice for our young readers. Julian Boykin a guest commentator on Roland Martin Unfiltered and he’s the Founder and Chairman of Young Republicans of Southern Maryland.

Christy: What does being a black republican mean to you and what would you say to Young black Americans who are unaware of the importance politics plays in their lives?

Julian Boykin: Raised in a democratic house hold, I followed my own path, found my own voice representing the red side of the congressional map and choosing to not define my political standings upon my race. I believe any man or woman whose a conservative, believing in a system of traditional values can be considered a representative of the republican party. The core beliefs of the Republican party is centered on the idea that each person is responsible for their own place within society for themselves, their families, and others who are unable to do so for themselves.

Julian is actively involved in the decisions government officials are making, supporting his party with conviction, action, and understanding. He calls for us to do the same.

“Young people need to get up off of their behinds and take the time to understand what’s right in front of them,” Boykin stated. “You know the struggle, advocate for yourself. Politics dictate how much money you make, housing, education, everything.”

To those who have the mind and desire to run for office in their state, Boykin encourages you to go for it and learn along the way. This young republican is the one to watch. He may very well make a great republican senator or president one day.

Julian doesn’t want to be referred to as a black Republican, but he is. His black represents us.  A highly educated, opinionated, and passionate voice. The evolution of color in politics.

Whatever you strongly believe in, work hard for, and strive to maintain is what you stand for,
whether it be democratic or republican. The hopes, dreams, and idealisms you want for yourself,
your family, community, and this Nation matter; it affects what we as a people can accomplish