The Black Heff chats business ventures and how he became known as the Black Heff

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We have all heard of Hugh Hefner and Playboy, so when you hear the name Black Heff, the first thing that comes to behind is probably a Black man with several females parading around him, right? For the Black Heff that is only a quarter of who he is and what he does. Black Heff can be classified as a “economic phenomenon”.  His enterprise that he has created is not just assisting young women who are into the exotic dance industry,  but his music and books also help those young cats in the hood who are trying to make a way out.

The Black Heff is an inspiration to many Black men who are growing up in the hood who feel like they do not have a way out or any other options besides banging and dope dealing. By hearing this man’s journey, he can give these young men hope. I recently interviewed Black Heff where he chatted his background and upbringing and his upcoming business ventures which led him to his God given purpose and talent.

Who is the Black Heff and how did you get that title?

I’ am originally from Flint, MI and I’m residing in Texas at the present time. What makes me the Black Heff is that I’m the Founder and CEO of a revolutionary management company called Team Concept Entertainment Services LLC. What Team Concept provides a service for exotic dancers. We provide credit restoration, full medical and dental benefits and managerial services to the young ladies that are going into the industry. Each client of the company is signed to a two year contract.

The title of me being called The Black Heff was self-proclaimed. I didn’t call myself that. When I started this company people would see me and the clients hanging out at different events and enjoying the life, and they would see me with the majority of Caucasian women so they started calling me The Black Heff. I started hearing it in more than one place. So what made me really go after it [the name], I seen the light to it because it brought a smile to people’s faces because they seen me as  legitimate business man that was helping these young ladies.

I know that you are also an author and released a book called, “The Game is Meant to Be Sold”, so what motivated you to write that book? And what do you want the readers to take from it?

Well The Game is Meant to Be Sold tells the story of my life before I had this company and goes into my life in being raised in Flint, MI. I had a rough background growing up which comes with that city because it is poverty stricken. Previously I had already been a recording artist and I had spoken about my life in the streets through my music, so I took a break from the music for a minute and I decided to start writing books pertaining to the same stories. A friend of mine has became a successful book author and he came in and coached me and assisted me with my first book. I am now currently working on part two. I want the readers to basically get a real glimpse of where my mind was at before the business man, business plan. I was just a young cat from the streets coming up that didn’t know much that was just trying to make money by any means necessary. Unfortunately the majority of my ways were illegal at the time, but those were my options growing up in Flint, so these are some of the scenarios that I’ve seen and been around.

Nice! When will part two be out?

I’m looking more so toward the end of the year. Part one was a short story at almost 100 pages long. I’m planning on part two being a little bit longer and stronger. I’m making sure to put a little more meat and potatoes on the plate for the readers.

You said you also did music. Are you currently working on any music projects?

Yes, I’m glad you asked. Actually “The Game is Meant to Be Sold” is a double release and both of them are available through Amazon. There is a soundtrackconnected to the book, which is an idea that no one as ever came up with, as far as I know there hasn’t been an artist who has released a book with a CD at the same time. This will be a repetitive cycle that I will be using as I release part two and part three.

Will you be doing any events or concerts?

Yes I will be. We had the digital release a few months ago, so now we’re working to have the physical release into different stores for promos.

What advice do you have for rising entrepreneurs, especially young Black men coming up from the hood on how to manage their gifts with a limited to no budget?

The main thing is to never loose your passion for your individual gift because one talent may overlook or exceed the other, but as long as you keep the passion and know that each talent is a God given gift you’ll know that there was a reason for you to have that talent, so until the time and opportunity presents itself and the money or someone with the money comes to help you expose them, continue to nourish those talents every chance you get. You can’t nourish all the talents at the same time because one might get neglected, but you can bounce back to each one so that they will never die off and continue to grow so that when the time because they are up to date and the passion for them is still there. Of course the number one thing is to keep God first, and when you do that you can’t lose.

True. Where do you see yourself in the next year as far as your businesses are concerned?

I see all coming together. I have some fans of mine that like my music, but that don’t know I’m an author I have some fans of mine that come to me because I’m an author but know that I’m a recording artist. I have people who have seen me on the Discovery Channel and TMZ as Black Heff with the girls and the company but they don’t know that I’m a recording artist or author. So right now I’m working on the branding and bringing all these things into one circle and that all these things that I do come from the same individual.

I know you’re a busy man, but when you do get the free time, what do you like to do to unwind and relax?

I like to listen to instrumentals and come up with new ideas and songs. I like to watch Game of Thrones or Empire. I like to watch HBO and Showtime series. I don’t watch much TV, but I like to catch the Rachel Maddow Show on NBC News.

What is one unknown fact about you?

Oh well you may not know that I’am a philanthropist by heart. I give to different charities, such as the Red Cross. I also help feed children on Thanksgiving at the YMCA through a program in my hometown that helps a group of mothers and children to get on their feet and that can’t go back home to their families for the holiday. For the last four years I have been sending a friend to help with the catering to feed them and give the kids gifts. This will be our fifth year, and it will be our third year of giving gifts to the kids on Christmas. My heart is dear and God has blessed me to be able to give. I believe that God blessed you to bless others. By me being blessed I give back.

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