Let us not allow our expression for the love and appreciation of our skin tone be a catalyst and a voice for hate.

Let us not allow the injustices of slavery to confine our minds, preventing the unity of all ethnicities.

Let’s not be distracted by racist rants and religion.

Our hearts are the same color, bleed the same blood, built to love not to hate.

Remember who you are, what we as a people of color have overcome and the victories we have won.  Humbly not arrogantly standing on the backs of others.

Let us be the example of unity and compassion, instead of separation and negative reactions.  Oppression begins because of what you choose to believe.

People respond in like manners to how we behave.

We are survivors, who have thrived against all odds, revolutionist with extraordinary minds, we too have made America great.

Rise above the hate, celebrate the history, not twist and manipulate young minds with controversy. Be woke, not wicked.

A race war we do not need.  Black, Hispanic, Japanese or white, we all bleed red.