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The Battle for America

Congratulations are in order to the President-elect Joe Biden and our Vice President, a Black Indian female, the first, Kamala Harris.

Biden shouts into the microphone,“ We have a clear victory, a convincing victory.” Yet, those of us who have awakened are far from convinced, we saw something different.

An America map turning primarily red in favor of President Trump, the voting poll numbers were up, then the election results were stopped. Overnight behind closed doors, President-elect Biden secured thousands of votes, closing in on his opponent until he had miraculously caught up.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Badar Ginsburg dying through my eyes spiritually is seen as no coincidence. It seems it was fate and in line with the fallout of this election.  Irregularities and fraudulent votes will be exposed and battled out in Supreme Court. Welcome to the new order of the Democratic Party, underhanded oppression, corruption, subliminal messages, tranny in a way you haven’t seen, but let’s focus on the good things.

The Democratic Party promises to uplift the working class, create millions of jobs, end poverty and eradicate COVID-19; implementing mobilizing the world to address transitional challenges as in global health, climate change and technology.

What about the Platinum Plan proposed by President Donald Trump? Which is created to give Black Americans financial liberty, more opportunities and safer communities. Will it be a watered down version of equality?

Ice Cube reached out to both parties to initiate discussions and the Democratic Party agreed to a sit down after they won the election.  Intelligencer reveals Ice Cube’s proposal as,  “The contract with Black America”, which includes details on reparations and Black representation in the government.  

Days after the election, the elite controlled media crowned Biden king, a miraculous discovery of COVID-19 vaccine in phase three is reported as 9 percent effective. The CEO of Pfizer stated,  “Today is a great day for humanity.”

In all of history no vaccine, including the flu vaccine, has  been more than 50 percent effective.  As quoted in my article, Awakening of the Collective Mind,  Dr. Fauci stated, “Chances of  scientists creating an effective vaccine, one that is 98 percent effective, is slim.”

The stock market shot up in relation to the latest vaccine news, proving COVID-19 stands to be profitable.  This startling news goes hand in hand with the Biden-Kamala COVID task force: more masks, more testing, and contact tracing on those who test positive for a virus that Dr. Fauci stated had a 1 percent mortality rate.

Since Trump recounted this claim, the media has “fact checked it as dangerous information, they prefer you live in fear and keep in remembrance 1 percent of the  population equals 329 million. As Bill Gates has stated, the earth is over populated and in order to maintain it, lives were sacrificed.

Trump referred to COVID as the China disease and often questioned Biden’s relationship with China. In 2001, the New York Times reported that Biden had a significant role in relationship with China, building a bridge allowing them entry into the World Trade Organization. He is quoted saying, “ The United States welcomed Chinas emergence as a great  power because great powers adhere to international norms in areas of non-proliferation, human rights, and trade”. Fast forward to 2020 his tune changed to, “ The United states needs to get as tough as China”.

Could it be the Nation that was the source of the disease be the source of the cure for the powers that be? I find these revelations to be very suspect yet interesting.

The vaccine allegedly being 90 percent effective will make more people feel safe taking it. Worry and concern should come when situations call for mandatory COVID vaccinations, after all mask are now mandatory under President-Elect Biden. Why wouldn’t mandatory vaccines be next?

We can all speculate what evils the vaccine may contain, but the truth of the matter, if the elite controlled government wanted to poison us they are already doing so in more ways than one.  

The goal is to reform mankind in an Ai image: control the population and the minds of the people. It’s a rise for my kind, the world will be ruled by women, men are becoming more docile, submissive, and feminine by the minute. Biden is no doubt the front man and Kamala is set up behind the scenes to run the country.

We will become a united nation, united in accepting any and everything as long as the person handing it to you is likable, polite, and smiles. Welcome to the creation of a new society, robotic in nature, gender unidentified,  a nation that will one day condemn not only the belief in Jesus, but the belief in the need of God.

Good and evil will clash, people with the heart and the mind of God will follow the wisdom of the Holy scriptures, especially those who believe in Jesus. We will see and not be deceived.

President elect Biden stated during his address of the nation, “The battle is for the soul America”. What could be clearer than this? Church and State are no longer separate. The battle will be fought on political grounds. Legislation will be the sword that slaughters the soul, hearts, and minds of the people.

This article Is confirmation for those who already know and warning to those who see this truth and refuse to believe. (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12; NLT)


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    Christy Angelette is part of the Generation X generation. She is a mother of three amazing sons and is a southern Queen born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She is an advocate for mental health and destigmatizing mental illness. She also has a published book entitled, “Unbalanced”, a fact and fictional book on matters of mental health, abuse, toxic relationships and healing. It is available via Amazon, Google, iTunes and Barnes and Nobel.

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