“The Art of Touch” Series IV

Mesmerized by the curvature of the collar,

Details many eyes fail to see.

Even her own.

As her fingers dance across the natural structure,

She replaces her own ignorance with admiration.

Love lives there. Now.

Self love starts with realizing what lies beneath our soul. As we learn to tap into our soul and inner well being, it is then when we start to really love, admire and appreciate ourselves.

Creative director and muse @thedeyannadenyse 

Videographer @93.ntil 

Partnership @purposelyawakened_ 

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United States based model, Deyanna Denyse has been trailblazing a path of her own in the field of Art modeling since 2017. Originally a yoga instructor, Deyanna stumbled upon the arts as a form of solace and self discovery during a time of hardship. With the collaboration of others artists such as Kevin Williams, Euguen Bryd, and many photographers, she is expanding the narrative of Art modeling in the African American diaspora. Using herself as the muse, photography and videography has been the medium of choice. Published in Vogue Italia, Iconic Artist Magazine and featured in many Art Exhibitions; she has been seen across the globe. Interviews by Studio Noize podcast and Voyage Atlanta( among other platforms) Deyanna has had the opportunity to share her story and passion to inspire others to follow a dream of their own. Although Art modeling has been the main focus, Deyanna wear many hats in the creative realm. As a creative director, she has also created mind boggling visulas with intentions to shift the masses into higher levels of consciousness. Balancing work and play, Deyanna find herself lost in poetry, yoga and cooking vegan meals for family and friends.

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