Face your fears,

I can hear the whispers of my ancestors reminding me my genes are of a royal bloodline.

Reminding me, my nose, like my grandfather’s, is round and stubby.

Very distinctive features, like my eyes, from my mother, piercing through reality.

My brows, bushy, like my grandmother’s.

I can see her through the mirror.

Proud of my ancestry.

Facing my fears.

Our ancestry makes up who we are—-down from our physical appearance to the way we act, think and respond to life’s greatest struggles. Society may try to deem us and tell us that we should look and sound more “European”, but our ancestry is unique in its own right. It is beautiful. It is US. And don’t let anyone try to tell you any different. You are naturally do not need to change anything about your appearance—-for NO ONE.

Creative director and muse @thedeyannadenyse 

Videographer @93.ntil

Partnership @purposelyawakened_