Teedra Moses: The Lioness

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I was blessed and fortunate to sit down and have the pleasure of having a phone interview with R&B sensation singer/songwriter Teedra Moses and catch up with her on how things have been going with her, and see what she has been working on in the studio and seeing how the life of A Lioness is.

Before we get into the interview give the readers a brief description to Who is Teedra Moses

I’m originally from Kenner, Lousiana, and I moved to California during my high school years. I am a singer and songwriter that discovered my passion for music in school, and has continued to perfect the gift God has given me. I am also a mother, a friend and a woman who does not take for granted none of the things I have been blessed with.

Being born the daughter of Gospel singer Shirley Moses how did her musical experience play a role in your musical career?

My mother lost her vocals when I was young before I got the passion for singing, but when i sing you can hear her soulfulness in my voice because its in my genetics. She raised us up on the Clark Sister’s and Luther Vandross because as a kid it was never about what we wanted to listen to.

Before you came onto the music scene you were an assistant wardrobe stylist with your friend Nonja McKenzie for artists such as Will Smith, Kelis, R kelly, and No Doubt. What was that experience like for you early on?

That was around the age when I was 21 or 22. I didn’t start singing until I was around 25 so that opened the doors for me, and showed me there were endless possibilities to being able to brush shoulders, and sit at the tables with the likes of Will and Jada Pickett Smith early on in my life.

Your debut album “Complex Simplicity” in August 2004 on TVT Records brought you the success of Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, Top Independent Albums, and Top Heatseekers on the Billboard. How did that success early on feel on your 1st studio album?

I didn’t feel the success when my album first came out, because the label didn’t make me feel as there was much success to it at the time. It was not until later on with the social networking sites like Myspace that i felt the success from when my fans told me how my album made them feel, and how they could relate to the songs on my album.

You have either written or co-wrote songs for artists such as Trina, Christian Milian, Maary J. Blige, Rapheal Saadiq, Teairra Mari, and many others. What is the feeling when another artist reaches out to you and ask you to write a song for them?

It’s a blessing when not just an artist, but my peers contact me and ask for me to help them do a song for them, because its the music that I love.

Speaking of Trina you help write her 2006 smash single “Here We Go,” but your verse was not featured on the album and was replaced by Kelly Rowland’s. What or is there a reason your verse was not featured on the album?

Well, it was only the hook that I wrote for the song, but i still own my publishing for what i did on the song. I think that it was a good move for the label to put Ms Kelly Rowland on the song, because she was hot being at the time she was in Destiny Child and it was more name worthy artist featured on the song that made the song a bigger hit.

You haven’t released a studio album in almost 7 years, but you have released several original underground mix-tapes with your current one being entitled “Luxurious Undergrind.” What to you is the difference you put into working on a mix-tape compared to a studio album?

The only thing that is different to me is the mixing and mastering. There are many songs that have been featured on my mix-tapes that could have been singles on a album, but that would be to much money being put out there so i give my fans things for free because its for them that I’m blessed to do what it is I love.

You are currently working on your 2nd studio album “The Lioness” scheduled to be released this year on Maybach Music Group. How does it feel to be working on your long awaited sophomore album?

I’ve been working on this album since 2005, but i didn’t want to put it out if i felt it wasn’t ready because i could have been put it out. Its just been a blessing to work on this album seeing when i first started it was titled “Young Lioness,” but changed it to its current title may change it again to “A Lioness,” but for the moment its “The Lioness.”

You recently signed to Maybach Music Group on March 25, 2011 overseen by Rick “Biggest Boss” Ross. How did that come about being that this is the third record label you are signed to?

It happened via twitter. He reached out to me told me that he liked the things that I was doing, and wanted to work with me. We met up in Miami where he is residing i met his record label family, and well the rest is history.

There have been many females to do something first in the music industry, but you are the first female to get signed to Rick Ross label. Do you feel there is any pressure on you being signed to his music label?

There is no pressure this singing/songwriting is my life i love making quality music not quantity music. So there is no added pressure to me that i feel is on me.

When you have given a show on your many tours from the Seagram’s Gin Live to the Lady Hennessy Tour, and to see your fans sing along with you to the words that you wrote how does that make you feel?

It makes it all feel worth it, and so much more. I have done so much to get to this point, and God is the reason why i continue to do it, and the people remind me every time they sing my songs and cry to them that this has all been worth it.

Since I’ve been blessed on doing this interview many of your fans from your hometown of New Orleans have asked me when is she going on tour, and coming to do a “Welcome Back Home” Tour in New Orleans.

Awwww I love New Orleans, and i would love to come back home and do shows in the city i grew up in. I have put in bids to do shows for Essence Fest, but at the time wasn’t able to do it as i would have liked. I rep New Orleans to the fullest every time I’m in the studio, or go on stage its just things haven’t worked out like i would like to be able to do a show in my hometown.

I think we are going to have to work on something to get Teedra Moses back home

Gotta get a petition going on or something to get me at the next Essence Fest

May have to work on that asap. As you are currently working on your long awaited 2nd album are there any producers or artists you are currently working with, and want to work with?

I would like to work with the likes of Ryan Lesile, and even Van Hunt he is a great writer. I like to write my own songs but i would possibly like to reach out to him and like him to write something for me. To me though its not what or who’s hot its the sound that i go with. The people who have worked with me on my numerous mix-tapes are who i work with, because its the consistency, its the brand that defies me and lets people know its Teedra Moses.

Many artist have social networking sites from Facebook to twitter. how can your fans follow you, and do you interact with your fans on these sites?

Twitter is the best way to follow me @teedramoses. i don’t really do Facebook it just seems like to much work to keep up with. My assistants take care of much of that for me, and when they see something i should see they email it to me. My website however though is www.teedra-moses.com, and you can keep up on the latest news about me.

Before we wrap up this interview with you what are somethings that you would like to tell your fans and supporters who have been rocking with you since you jumped into the music industry in 2003?

My fans and supporters are the REALEST. I love my fans from the depths of my heart. If any of my fans ever saw me out in the streets I would want them to tell me what my music has done for them so i could give them a big hug.

Well. this concludes our interview, and I want to say on behalf of Urban Centric Magazine Thank You Teedra Moses for taking the time out your busy schedule to sit down and talk with us, and we look forward to many future endeavors from you.

Thank You Baby

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