Team Building Activities for Work Small Groups

Well-planned team building will yield many benefits for every business that turns to such activities. They can vary from in-house games and to various outdoor adventures. The main goal of those endeavors is to increase trust among your employees. Also, when they have to work together to come up with creative solutions in a non-business context, they will collaborate more easily in case of a business emergency.

Office rearrangement

Your team building activities don’t have to be expensive or spectacular. For instance, for this team building activity you just need your employees and the office furniture. Since rearranging the office furniture is a great method for making your employees feel better, here you can kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, the workers will get a chance to express their creative ideas and improve their work space. On the other, they’ll have to work together to achieve a certain goal, learning more about one another along the way.

In-house games

The most efficient bonding strategies are the ones that are woven into entertaining or fun activities. This is why you should include the following games in your team building plan.

  • Survive the minefield – The minefield can be a hall, a large empty office or a parking lot. The mines can be old cardboard folders, trash cans or anything similar. Tell the employees to form teams of two. One player should navigate the other, who’s blindfolded, to get through the minefield without stepping on the mines. Every step on the mines should be penalized with point deduction. This activity will boost your workers’ collaboration and mutual trust. As for the reward, it’s entirely up to you.

  • Escape the office – This game encourages employees to make a joint mental effort. So, a group of employees is locked up in an office and have a certain period of time to find hidden clues and objects inside it, to set themselves free. You should make those groups as eclectic as possible, to encourage them to work with the colleagues that might not be their first picks for partners.

  • Work Charades – The employees are divided into several teams. Each team member writes down a number of famous people, movies and songs and puts them in their team’s box. Then the teams exchange the boxes with the notes and players draw the notes from the boxes. The members of the same team act out the concepts written on the notes, trying to be as convincing as possible and make their team members outsmart the other groups by guessing the name of the person, the song or the movie

Gastronomical bonding

As the food has become one of the major global trends (it’s all Instagram’s fault), a larger number of businesses add culinary challenges to their team building adventures. You can organize such an event either in your office or in a local restaurant. For instance, you can hire a well-known local chef to come to your business premises and delight your employees with tasty specialties on a rainy Friday afternoon. As a follow-up, your employees’ families could join you for lunch and taste what their partners and parents have prepared.

On the other hand, doing the same activity in a restaurant might be even more interesting to your workers, but it might also have serious consequences on your team building budget.

In addition, let’s not forget about one of the oldest and yet most appreciated food-preparing activities –the company barbecue.

Into the wild

If your employees are more into outdoor adventures, you should give them a chance to display their survival instincts with a team building weekend in the wilderness. Firstly, choose a location that will offer activities for different levels of employees’ preparedness. For instance, a mountain hotel in the vicinity of long trails and a lake could be a great choice. Secondly, provide your employees with proper equipment. Here’s where wearing spacious personalized backpacks is a great solution, since that way you can promote your business while keeping your employees safe.

Thirdly, hire professionals to organize your activities in the wild. It takes some experience and knowledge to do it properly.

Also, if the accommodation you choose doesn’t have a medical service, bring a doctor with you, in case of injuries.

When thinking about team building, first determine its purpose. It will dictate the type of the building and the budget. If you just want to make your employees get to know one another, some simple in-house activities and games will do. However, if you want to prepare your employees for demanding business challenges, go for more extreme activities. No matter what you do, make your workers feel relaxed and comfortable with the activities they do.

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