Tanya Baskerville Keeps the Dream Alive With Dating Site for Millennial Professionals

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“Keeping the Dream Alive is also about keeping the family alive, but you need a great, quality mate to help in making that a reality, which is why dating to find our future spouse is a key essential in our lives.”

Naomi K. Bonman

You finished school and landed the job of your dreams. You also live on your own and have you own cars, you pretty much take care of home. But the one thing that is missing for you is a good, quality mate. You seem to always hit the dead end when it comes to relationships because everyone you meet just isn’t up to par with your standards. Besides, you get sick of hearing “Oh, you’re young. You have plenty of time for love,” or the dreaded, “Why don’t you lower your standards a bit. You’re just too damn picky!” But since you refuse to lower your standards you just figure that you’ll forget about your quest for love and do you.

Trust you’re not alone. This is why FAMU graduate, Tanya Baskerville, created a new online dating platform for young, single professionals looking for love. She saw need and acted on it. Just a bit of background on Baskerville. She holds her Masters in Business Administration from the School of Business and Industry and works in pharmaceutical sales. As a single professional herself, she knows a lot of single professionals of all stripes who had a tough time dating. She realized they needed a website for themselves that would meet their high standards and not be a noisome crowd of sex-hungry seekers.

She spoke with and polled other professionals in person and on social media, and gleaned from her own standards, and saw three common problems single professionals have with dating sites.

First, deceptive profile photos and information. Horror stories abound of dater’s remorse—instances of meeting someone in person who is absolutely nothing like their online alter ego: someone either out to a score or desperate and socially awkward. No matter the scenario, he or she is simply not a quality match.

Second, immature presentation: Casual selfies, bathroom selfies, and topless photos are a turnoff for most professionals.

Third, a lack of privacy. Many dating site profiles can be searched by the public, and professionals do not appreciate their personal information being so easily accessible.

After noticing those three loopholes, she founded ExclusiveStandards.com, a dating site exclusively for single professionals with high standards. The site is now live and currently accepting new memberships, with a free sixty-day trial for the first 100 people who register and are selected for membership.

So, what’s included in the site:

The site’s membership profiles include a profile photo, which Baskerville recommends should be professional, and personal information. What catapults Baskerville’s Exclusive Standards ahead of other dating sites; however, is its use of video. A member’s profile also includes a video introduction, and users can enjoy video chats on the site.

“Video chats help our members connect in real time more safely,” she said. “Other sites use instant messaging.”

She also noted that video profiles help people overcome the communication barrier by allowing them to see each other and allows their true personality to shine through.

Her site also addresses the need for privacy and the lack of it on other sites. Those who sign-up for a membership and are approved undergo a meticulous screening. This ensures the safety of everyone using the site.

While it is easy for someone to copy and paste another’s personal information and grab his or her photo from anywhere online, “You can’t say someone stole your video,” Baskerville said. “That’s you.”

ExclusiveStandards.com echoes LinkedIn’s professional feel—it is an online Millionaire Matchmaker, asking more specific questions and utilizing a matchmaker algorithm. “I asked single professionals, what would you want to know about another person?” Baskerville explained.

If you’re interested in signing-up and figure that ExclusiveStandards.com is worth a try and can be an ease to your dating headache, head on over to the site and try it out for 60-days. If you love it, memberships are paid for on a quarterly basis (4-times a year) at $49.99.

“Many other matchmaking services are much more expensive,” she said. No need to spend thousands of dollars. We want you to save that for your wedding.”

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