Sugar Momma Syndrome

It is typical for men to go for women who are significantly younger than them, so society has learned to some what accept it. However, now we have women going for men who are significantly younger than they are. For example, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, and Vivica Fox is also dating a younger man.

So what are these men in their 20s offering to women in their 40s that older men aren’t offering? For women in their 40s who go for the man that can be their son, it might be an empowerment issue. They want to feel that they are in control. They want to take care of their own finances, control their own household, etc. So if that’s the case, then we can somewhat understand that.

Then again maybe its not a matter of empowerment, it could be all about the sex. These women can be, let’s see what’s the word, some what of a sex addict, if that’s the right phrase to call it. Younger men tend to still be sexually active and when it comes to relationships sex is still a major factor to them, and they usually don’t start to worry about it as much until they’re mid to late 30s. So these older women take advantage of that, especially if they crave it often.

The way we choose to date today has changes drastically from the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Back then if a man was with a younger woman, or a young girl, it was more than likely arranged through the parents, but today we have a choice to date who want to date.When the guy goes for the older woman, it’s usually because she is more stable in her career.

A woman in her 20s is still trying to find herself, jump start her career and she still wants to party it up with her girls and live life, and the guy cant handle that, so he goes for the woman who is in her 40s who is more stable in her career and knows exactly what she wants to do and where she stands in life.


  • Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Shannon Morris’s family knew from the moment she was born, that she was going to be successful in the entertainment industry. She possessed a love of film, the arts, reading, and writing at a very young age, having excelled in anything remotely artistic. Her natural ability to attract attention and connect with people connected her towards a career in the entertainment and healthcare industry.

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